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The Snapper Inn
Oakdale, Long Island, New York

The Snapper Inn is one of my favorite Long Island restaurants. When I want to enjoy summertime cocktails, seafood and music on the water this is where I come.

Dining at The Snapper Inn is a much about the experience as it is about the food. The sprawling, waterfront grounds on the Connetquot River make me feel like I’m spending a day on the water rather than a restaurant.

Outstanding food, outdoor bar & dining areas, and tasteful live music at a comfortable volume level complete the experience. It just feels good to be here.

Lawn and river
Relaxing on the lawn at The Snapper Inn.

Even in the winter I’ll come here for dinner when I'm missing the sea. I'll take a seat near the large fireplace and watch the snow.

table near the fireplace
There’s nothing like the smell, sound and warmth of a real wood fire. Add a glass of wine and a good meal, and you’re in Heaven.

But back to the summer…

I know, I should be on my boat instead of at a restaurant, but there are times I just can’t get out on the water. Then again there are those other times when I’ll double the fun by sailing my boat here, and I’ll tell you how to do that at the end of this review.

Cocktail glass
Is there anything better than a cold cocktail on a hot summer's day? I can't really tell you how good it tastes, but this is what it looks like.

My fondness for this Long Island restaurant started when I was a kid. Our entire family would come here every year for Mother’s Day. We’d sit for a time enjoying fresh bread and cold vegetable plates with celery, carrots and olives while waiting for our shrimp cocktail appetizers to arrive. “Don’t spoil your appetite,” my parents would warn.

Tables outside
Dining tables under the tree and tent. The lawn bar is under the gazebo.

Then the main course would arrive. I always ordered fish of some sort, and if I were lucky I’d get a lobster claw from someone who couldn’t finish theirs. After coffee and desert, we’d go outside to walk the grounds and look at the boats—my favorite part of the day.

The Snapper Inn hasn’t changed much since then (then was about 40 years ago); the food is still great, the grounds are as pretty as ever, and the restaurant is still run by the Remmer family who started the business in 1929.

Large gazebo
This very large gazebo is available for weddings, private parties, and special events.

In the heat of the day I’ll plop myself down in a chair overlooking the water and sip a gin & tonic or nicely chilled pinot grigio. Taking in the salt air, the sights and sounds of the Connetquot River, and the great live music is such a nice way to build up an appetite.

Man Playing GuitarThe musicians at The Snapper Inn are usually very good, but last time I was here a truly outstanding performer entertained us with his excellent singing, guitar playing, and sense of humor.

Left: Ed Travers. If you ever see this guy fooling around with a guitar, stick around, you won't be disappointed.

Ed Travers of the Ed Travers Band played all afternoon almost nonstop. Even during his humorous commentary between songs Ed’s guitar just kept on going.

And his segues were so good I sometimes found myself wondering when the song changed.

The live music ends sometime in the late afternoon, maybe 6 or 7pm, and by that time I’m ready for dinner. If the weather is nice I’ll stay outside and enjoy a meal on the water. On cooler days or during the winter I’ll enjoy my dinner inside in one of the nautically themed dining rooms.

Dining room
One of the dinning rooms at the Snapper Inn. Note the nautical stained glass windows and rowing shell suspended from the ceiling.

dinner tableOn the menu you’ll find everything from seafood to sauerbraten plus fresh, local fish caught with their own boats.

The dishes are expertly prepared and pleasingly presented. I’m not going to review specific menu items, but I can tell you that I’ve always been very happy with the food and service here.

Left: Salmon with rice, and in the background, sauerbraten with a potato pancake.

It’s also nice to see owner Richard Remmer, whose family has been running The Snapper Inn since 1929, present in the dinning room making sure guests are satisfied.

So there you have it. The Snapper Inn is the perfect pace to enjoy a meal, music, or just a cocktail on the water. It's also a pretty good place to have your wedding.

And if you if like clam chowder don't miss the annual Long Island Chowder Contest held right there for the past 13 years.

Getting Here

The Snapper Inn is located in on the Connetquot River in Oakdale on the south shore of Long Island.

By car: You'll find it off Montauk Highway just east of the Oakdale merge. Head south on Vanderbilt Blvd. then west on Shore Drive. Look for the signs on your left.

By boat: Get a copy of NOAA chart 12352. Look for Nichol Bay and the Connetquot River on the far right of page E. The Snapper Inn is on the north shore of the Connetquot River about 1 nm from the river's mouth. Lat / Long: 40° 43.583' N / 73° 08.983' W.

The Snapper Inn
500 Shore Drive
Oakdale, NY 11769
(631) 589-0248

Additional Information

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