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Looking for Long Island news?

Here are the Long Island news headlines from Newsday, Long Island's largest newspaper, and a selection of headlines from a variety of other sources.

News is sometimes controversial and I believe more than one viewpoint should be considered.

By providing headline coverage from multiples sources Long Island news is presented here in a balanced manor without showing a preference for one source over the other.

Newsday is by far the largest of the papers and is published daily with a large, special edition every Sunday. 

Newsday provides deep coverage spanning a wide array of Long Island related topics. Headlines are updated several times a day as the news happens.

The Long Island Press is a newer, much smaller paper and is published weekly. Top news stories are covered in broader strokes and there seems to be a stronger focus on local reporting. Unfortunately, the Long Island Press does not syndicate its news feed, so headlines from this paper are not featured here.

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Since news headlines are are updated as the news happens (which may be frequently) you might want to bookmark this page and check back often for breaking stories.

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