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My Beach Property

by Barbara O'Brien
(Amityville, NY)

Imagine how very delighted I was to hear that dear Donald Trump did not have to pay back rent on my beach property. Now he can use that found money to invest in a cosmetic company that will come up with a new and very much improved hair spray dressing.

How very sad that my beach property, also known as Jones Beach State Park, has to have millionaire developers, with lots of political clout, ruining the entire concept of a state (the people) owned playground for the masses. And how very sad that the days of going to the restaurant for our family get-togethers on Mother's Day. Easter Sunday brunch will no longer be part of my Grandchildren's fond memory bank.

I remember making a day of it with my parents and sibling, driving from Astoria, Queens. We were treated to "mellow roll" ice cream cones, were they ever so god, and every so often, we were allowed to sit at the tables outside of the glass walled restaurant and share a drink and a snack.

Unless my grandkids start building a financial portfolio now, they won't we able to sit at the tables outside, that is, if tables will be part of the money plan, with the most dearest, Donald.

I wonder how my beach, yours two, was taken away? Do we have to put money in the kitty to pay for higher priced law firms?? It appears that this works for the Donald.

If I apply for a permit to put up a lean to and just place it there, will I have to pay rent?? I would like my beach back. Let the restaurateurs bid on a family style restaurant, with a Bistro and cafe. If they build it, the masses will come and not just a select few that can afford the Donald.

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