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Turn Down the TV...

by Mike
(Kings Park, Long Island, NY)

My family lived in a split-level home in Queens for many years. My father had grown up on the second floor, while his cousins lived downstairs. Ten years ago, the only ones still living there were my great aunt downstairs and my father's sister upstairs.

Each summer, I would visit my aunt and spend a night or two at the house. The house was old, and it had always just had this creepy feel about it. I'd even heard stories from my older relatives about strange things that had happened there. But until one fateful night, I had never experienced anything.

My aunt's bedroom was adjacent to the living room. It had once been a balcony/porch, but had been closed off and turned into a regular room years ago. After a night of hanging out, eating snacks and watching movies, my aunt decided to go to bed. I left the TV on as I followed her in to wrap up our conversation and say good night.

At some point during our chat, I noticed something was a bit off. What was different? It took me a few minutes to realize I couldn't hear the TV anymore. I walked into the living room and, surprisingly enough, the set was on mute. Knowing the stories with the house, it somewhat creeped me out, but I figured maybe I had done it by accident. I un-muted the TV and went back into the bedroom.

Another few minutes went by, and again, something changed. To my amazement, I found I could not hear the TV again. I walked back into the living room and this time, the volume on the TV had been turned all the way down. It could not have been just a slip of my hand hitting the mute button this time. I figured that whoever - or whatever - kept shutting off the sound was trying to get some rest, and I sure didn't want to disturb it. I shut off the TV, said good night, and did my best to fall asleep as fast as I could.

I hope soon that I will be able to tell more of the creepy tales that I have either heard or experienced involving that old house in Queens.

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Feb 26, 2009
same thing
by: Anonymous

my sister radio does the same thing but it turns on at 3 am in morning and goes full blast and my friends see shadow people in my house at 3 am always and i have a ghost in my attic and will never go up there but he wont come down he stays up there always

Aug 02, 2008
by: Anonymous

naaah I doubt it.In my opinion it must have been a glitch in the tv's remote or the tv it self.

Jun 11, 2008
Quite creepy...
by: Bill Drago

Nice story, Mike.

Reminds me of the time I woke up in the middle of the night because the radio in my kitchen turned on all by itself. When I got back to the bedroom I found that my bedroom TV had turned itself on while I was in the kitchen turning off the radio. That creeped me out like you wouldn't believe.

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