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The Red Orb

by Margaret.
(Long Island)

I was about eleven years old when this happened.

It was around 8:30 p.m., and my grandmother (who I live with) told me I had to go to bed early because I had school the next day. I was not tired so I was giving her a hard time. But instead of being an immature little brat I just gave up and went upstairs to my room anyway, there was no point in fighting with her.

I was watching T.V. and laying in bed when I heard someone walking up the stairs. I quickly shut the T.V. off so I didn't get in trouble for being up too late. I shut it off and stared into the dark hallway, when I saw my grandmother walking up the stairs. Well, so I thought it was her. When she finally reached the top of the stairs I walked to the doorway of my bedroom and called for her.

She stopped and starred at me without saying a word. And I kept calling her name but she kept ignoring me. I walked into the hallway and watched her approach my great-grandmothers room. (My great-grandmother died a few months prior and my grandmother didn't really go into, or even look at her room too often. It upset her.)

I was a little confused because I didn't know why she'd be going in there so late. As I saw her standing at my great-grandmothers doorway, my grandmother turned her head, starred at me for a second or two, turned back and walked into the room. But when she walked into the room she disappeared into a red orb!

I got really scared and ran back into my room and hid under the covers. And I was crying and screaming for my grandmother, and she yelled back "What do you need Margaret? Come downstairs, I'm in the den!" When I heard her say that, I got really scared and told her nothing was wrong.

But something was, she was downstairs the WHOLE entire time, and didn't come upstairs once. I still don't know what came upstairs that night, and why it appeared to be her. This particular incident never happened again, but many strange things have occurred after.

Thank you for reading my experience. If you have any questions, please ask. I'll be happy to answer. And if you want, you can share your experience(s) with me too. I'd like to hear them.

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Feb 23, 2010
what town/what year
by: Laura

I'm not sure it matters, so I guess I'm just curious. In what year did this incident occur and in what L.I. town? Thank you!

Apr 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

that was such a great storie! but did u ever think that the ''thing'' that walked up ur stairs was ur great grandmother? well whatever it was just a great storie

Apr 17, 2009
by: Anonymous

nice story

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