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The Long Beach Kitty Wars

by Grayce
(Huntington, Long Island)

When I was first married in 1975 we lived in an apartment in Long Beach on Long Island. we worked long hours, and got home late, and were asleep by 9 o clock during the week.

The first time we were alerted to something strange, we were home, and both my husband and I were reading, and the cats were sleeping. We heard a banging sound which seemed to be coming from an antique dresser. We opened each drawer and found nothing, looked in the kitchen, found nothing, and searched behind and under the piece, finding nothing.

One morning I woke up and a heavy antique rocking chair was laying on it's side, there was no way the cats could have accomplished that. I had a cement penguin garden statue that was regularly over turned. We got a letter from the landlord saying that after midnight it sounded to the people who lived below us that we were bowling.

We were asleep by nine o'clock so we did not have a clue as to what they could be talking about, so we bought a rug. We still got complaints.

Then I found out I was pregnant, and everything went nuts... There were cold spots in the house, the cats started fighting for no reason, going so crazy I had to take a few days off from my job.

I did some mirror work to try to see who was haunting this home, and it was a young woman of color, who looked stricken by tragedy. Soon after that I started dreaming about her and the new baby that was coming. She was awaiting the birth.

Needless to say we moved, but both myself and my (now ex) husband knew that place was haunted.

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