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Sweet Hollow Road Most Haunted

by Mark
(South Shore of Long Island)

One night my 2 daughters went with me to drive down Sweet Hollow Road in Mount Misery, Long Island. They wanted to see the "road" and since I used to give blood nearby and went down many times they wanted to go.

The trip was uneventful until we made the left onto Chichester Road going to Mount Misery Road. When we got to a house 3 or 4 down on the right my oldest's voice got very flat and monotone and she said someone died at the house, drowned.

It recently snowed and the fields etc. were covered, so she could not see the pond or lake at Chichester and Sweet Hollow Road about a quarter mile away. When asked how she knew she said she didn't know maybe at school or newspaper. She didn't read the papers and it was not our school district as we live 5 or 10 miles away.

When I got to Mount Misery I made a u-turn and my youngest saw a "bear in the wood." I went to get out and they started crying. There are no bears here for over 100 years. I did another u-turn and then a 3rd at which my oldest daughter said she saw a doll walking so I again went to get out and again crying so we started home.

As I turned onto Sweet Hollow Road the area didn't look right, the fields looked changed and I got spooked so I hit the gas and was going around 50-60 in a 30 zone. I got more spooked and drove faster but the landmarks I usually saw were not where they were supposed to be.

After about 30 min I saw the markers for the overpass and I took a sigh of relief. The run should take 20 minutes max at 30mph but at 50mph it should have taken almost half that time.

I really felt spooked but after going under the Northern State overpass I felt back to normal and the area again looked normal.

The run down Sweet Hollow Road was as if I were in a time warp where time slowed down. The fields on either side looked strange not what I saw the other times and I could swear I saw grain stalks tied up in the fields. I went back a couple days later and all was as it should be, not like it was that night.

Editor's note: Mount Misery is the stuff of legends all right. I've been there myself, but have never experienced anything unusual. Here's a little more information and an investigation of paranormal activity at Mount Misery. -Bill Drago

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Jun 26, 2015
Reply To I dunno.....
by: Squafdonoboles

There is a radio tower in that area that could have affected your GPS. However, in a book titled "The Norman Prophesies", there is mention that there are seven Burmuda-like triangles over the earth. One of them falls over Mount Misery.

May 24, 2015
I dunno...
by: Anonymous

I don't know if I believe in this. My mom, my friend, and I went down there yesterday because our GPS said to. We didn't recognize the place at all. While going up the road, the GPS's arrow started to point at the way we came and the GPS said to turn back. We kept going, thinking it was a malfunction, and got creeped out. My friend thought that technology was turning evil and was trying to kill us, but I think the dense trees were interfering with the signal.

Anyway, we all got creeped out for no apparent reason, but when we got home, we looked up Mt. Misery and saw all of the ghost stories. No ghosts appeared to us, but there is something about Mount Misery that gives you the chills.

Dec 05, 2014
Sweet Hollow Road the Movie 2015
by: Anonymous

Sweet Hollow Road the Movie please click link

Jun 16, 2014
signs & cars
by: Anonymous

That is not blood on the signs, its some sort of glow in the dark paint. I know this because my brother and his friends did that to the signs about 8 years ago. Also, it probably was not ms13. When my friends started to drive we use to go down there a few nights a week and freak people out doing that. And the guy in the truck that does this to peopleis someone that lives over there. He also dresses up in random scary costumes around Halloween and goes into the woods and scares kids.

May 16, 2014
by: ALyssa

My friends and I go on this road all the time. The very last time we were there was about a year ago- that day we saw the "dog" on mt misery, as well as saw the KKK in the dog run and in the cemetary!
We were run off the road by MS13- they chased us with their lights off so we could not see them. To this day we still go back, but its still so scary gives you the chills.
we have seen a sign with blood on it.
Love this suspense, but soooo creepy!!!

Jul 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

Ok yesterday we went through Sweet Hollow road and we went once in the day and then again at night. Our first time was usual nothing strange except for some idiots who drive to fast on the curved parts. But as soon as we got to the light my boyfriends gas meter went from half of a tank to non at all. We freaked out it was scary but after I looked at the film on my ipod camera there was nothing there. then we went at night and omg it was sooooooo creepy especially the trees I used to say when i was little when my parents went down that road that how it reminded me of the scary trees in Snow White. So we finally got to the end and the same thing happened his gas went from 3 quarters of a tank to almost empty and his lights were flickering and air conditioning fan were going faster as soon as we got out his gas meter rose to normal and everything went back to normal and today my boyfriend found blood on his side mirror and a giant scratch across the back window. so were never going in again it's evil and we both know it

Sep 17, 2012
Sweet Hollow Graveyard creepy....
by: Anonymous

Me and my friends went there just last night. There 10 of us, 5 in one car, 5 in the other. We arrived there at around 9 pm i would say. When we got there, the first place we went to was the cementary. We parked the cars around the corner so no cops would see. We started going in thr graveyard, while me and my friend were flipping out (there was 3 girls and 7 guys, i"m a girl) we were just walking around, not gunna lie this place gave me the chills the whole night. We thought we saw a police, so we all ran to the back of the graveyard and hid in a forest until the coast was clear. I swear to you, this was thr scariest thing ever. My heart was racing hoping we wouldn't get caught by police. Then i remember hearing that story about the opolice man who comes around and when he turns around u see a gunshot through his head. This then made me and my friends freak out so we just ran out of the graveyard as fast as possible. It was a pretty exctiing adventure, it gave us such an adrenaline rush. We got into the cars and kept driving around and as we were driving we see a ripped up white tshirt with holes and blood in it , and we passed by a pole with blood splattered in it!!!! Overall, this place is sure to give you chillls down your back

Sep 07, 2012
Sweet hollow road
by: Sara

Me and my friends there one night we didn't do any tricks or anything everything seemed fine once we were out of there we got out of the car and there was hand prints on the back windshield

Aug 19, 2012
Friendly ghosts?
by: Anonymous

I went there recently (it was my second time going) & for everyone that says the put the car in neutral and honk three times trick is just gravity, is wrong. My friend purposely waited about ten seconds with the car in neutral & lights off before honking & nothing happened. As soon as she honked 3 times it sounded as if someone slightly lifted the back of the car & then we started rolling. This next part may be hard to believe but literally we were all like holy shit and laughing and my friend next to me goes "tell them to stop" and the car immediately stopped. It was pretty awesome.

Aug 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

me and my friends went on our bikes on that road and the only thing i said oh shit to is the two girls comin out the woods but they were not ghosts and we went down mount misery and ended up on the northern state park way and through the woods of sweet hollow notin scary

Aug 08, 2012
Nothing Scary...... I Would Know
by: Anonymous

Ive been on sweet Hollow RD. a million times. There is no spookiness to it. The road is normal. Although many people have died in car crashes on that street, there are no ghosts. The stories are a part of imagination I believe. When the ghost tales are past down they get added on to. People just "believe" there is paranormal activity so they "see" it. The street is curvy and some of the houses are spooky, i have to say but the houses are part of history and are historically beautiful not "paranormal". And here's the answer to your question: there are no walking dolls. I have driven down all of these streets at about 12:00 am or later. They don't spook me. They just seem regular. My family has been living on Sweet Hollow Rd. since the early 1960's and has never witnessed paranormal activity, neither have I. Now you have heard it from a resident. I have been in some of the old spooky houses and witnessed nothing but time traveling back to the late 1700's and 1800's. Drive down Sweet Hollow Rd. to witness the beautiful historic architecture not to make yourself "pee in your pants". Thank You!

Jul 13, 2012
I Believe
by: Bob

I lived on Mt.Misery Rd.for about a year with 3 friends.We rented an old estate home that was tied up in some sort of law suit.I can honestly say that some strange things did happen at our home...sounds ...images..and strange occurrences.At the time we were all in our mid to late 30's and of sane mind[mostly].

May 30, 2012
Every time I try to go down Sweet hollow..
by: Anonymous

It is a time warp. When I was younger a lot of different groups of my friends would make the trip and even though we all been there before it would take forever to find the road then getting on there we would always end up lost or one way seems longer than the other..idk other than that I just get spooked from being so dark I guess

Mar 14, 2012
No Fear
by: Jim

I drive on mount misery st and sweet hollow rd there is nothing ghost around and I pass on it many time and nothing happen. I guess they are paranoid about the ghost. If you get picture damn real and prove to me and what they are doing there.
There is thick woods and quiet place. Woods place is very natural place. I bet you nothing happen there.

Jan 28, 2012
orbish lady
by: Anonymous

I grew up a few blocks from Sweet Hollow & have been there a million times hoping to experience something,I have always been open to those types of experiences whereas my older brother never was & what do you know he & his friend where driving through & he said out of nowhere an orbish woman in white came from out of the woods & just vanished.He said him & his friend just looked at each-other & booked it out of there then he asked his saw that too right & he said he definitely did.My brother is not a storyteller actually very serious & whenever I ask if he thought maybe it was kids messing around or just his eyes playing tricks on him he says no I'm telling you I saw a ghost & there was just a creepy feeling that he couldn't explain & that he wasn't a believer until then.It almost annoys me it happened to him!

Oct 31, 2011
my own experience
by: Anonymous

I was with four friends. It was our first time at Sweet Hollow Road, June 2010. It was around 11PM and we had been driving for about an hour already. We decided to try the trick under the bridge one last time befoe heading home. We shut off the car and lights, but nothing happened. When we started to drive away, we all turned around and saw an unsual looking car behind us. It came out of nowhere. It appeared white and very old and it had a small, green flashing siren light in the dashboard. It kept flasing its headlights at us too. It continued to follow us with the siren on until we went around the bend near the cemetary. When we turned around, we realized that it was gone.
We had read about the myth about the supposed dead cop who still pulls people over and we thought there may have been a connetion. In any case, I have returned to Sweet Hollow Road a number of times since, but haven't seen or heard anything unsual since.

Oct 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

Me and my friend were driving one night and decided wtf I'm bored we went there we were about a mile and a half down the road with 5 cars behind us there was this all white iv white truck in front of us and when we got close enough this white dust just poofed off on our car and it disappeared along wit the cara behind us true story and dam weird

Oct 07, 2011
Just so you know..
by: Anonymous

Just so everyone knows, the whole put your car into neutral thing is false, no one pushes your car, there is a small angle the road is on and when you put your car into neutral you roll. its called gravity.

Oct 02, 2011
sweethollow road
by: Anonymous

I went there with my Dad, brother, and two friends and we went under the bridge, put our car in neutral, turned off our lights and honked three times and we were being slowly pushed backwards, it was awesome.

Sep 01, 2011
Dangerous to go to
by: Anonymous

I know a bunch of people who went here. Nobody saw anything paranormal, but they were almost injured. A group of people in their early 20s went with baseball bats and flashlights. They made the mistake of getting out of their car, the bridge nearby had guys throwing rocks and bricks at them and the car and broke their windshield, I guess they don't want people visiting. Then I heard deep in the woods they say the KKK hangs out and multiple people have seen a fire in the woods far away.

At any case if you do go DON'T get out of your car and bring flashlights, cellphone, and a bat for protection just in case.

Aug 28, 2011
that whole ara
by: Anonymous

I grew up in Plainview off Washington Ave behind Round Swamp Road. We used to go up to Mt. Misery and Sweet Hollow Road all the time as kids and scare ourselves to death, but i never really saw or heard anything. But that whole area around there can be weird. there was an old mansion called the Shattuck Estate, we would go up there and go into the house, it was abandoned, but strangely it was kept up, supposedly by an caretaker. One day we went up there and the care taker apparently tried to scare us by putting a doll with a mask and a bloody knife prop in it's body in a baby carriage at the foot of the big indoor staircase. We ascended the staircase one day passing the baby carriage. When we got to the landing, I swear i heard a slap and looked at the carriage and a white figure came up the steps and passed through my body

Aug 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

me and my friends used to go up to sweet hollow in high school also. it was scary at first, but we were kids. the car following you was most likely kids because we used to do it all the time to scare the younger kids that just got their licenses. wed turn our headlights off at night and once we were right behind them wed flash the headlights. the pickup truck is a guy that lives on mt misery road over by the log. im 26 now and I take my dog hiking over there all the time, day or night, and nothing has ever happened. its all crap, just people trying to get attention away from amittyville.

Jul 07, 2011
nothing happened
by: Anonymous

one day me and my friends were driving around the roads and we smoked on the way down and we kept trying to spook each other out.. nothing happened this stuff isn't real..

Jun 11, 2011
sweet hollow road man and dog
by: Andrew M

After visiting sweet hollow road for the first, my brother a friend and I decided to go back two months later. We went around midnight and stayed for about an hour. As it came close to one in the morning, a man and his dog walked slowly by and did not even pay notice to the car we were in on the side of the street. As we turned the car around to shine our lights on him he just walked into a random spot in the woods. This exact thing happened to my friends cousin a year earlier. This dog is what we think is the demon dog.

Jun 04, 2011
Adventures on sweet hallow road part 1
by: Brittany

I never heard of this road until my brother told me one night before bed of what he was planning to do. The next night I looked up the road online and read the legends. I didn't understand it at all. Yes, my brother did say the bridge pushed him and his friends but I wanted proof. The next time he went he clamied to have seen footprints on the road as they were being pushed under the bridge. Also with the legends of witches he said he saw a witch's hat as they were driving. The 3rd time I finally went with my 2 cousins and my brothers friend and my brother. I was totally mind-blown from what happend under the bridge. We then started driving some more. We smelled something buring (however it was mamorial day so it could have been anything, yet it was 11:00 at night) we then heard a dog barking and children screaming...That's when we left. I'm going tonight on Mt.misery to so until then this story is to be continued...

May 31, 2011
nice story
by: Anonymous

I see you are new to the story telling business. You may want to work on your approach. If you want people to believe your story, you have to actually tell the story like it truly happened to you. You have to put your emotions of that night into it. Clearly, you have much to learn.

by the way, I could tell you were making it up after the first few sentences. I am not going to tell you what it was, but it is pretty obvious. And it is not because I am a non-believer in these types of things, I actually made it to this site because of something that happened to me.

If you are trying to get into the story telling business... you have some work to do. Good luck!

Apr 14, 2011
Legends are as old as the hills
by: Anonymous

The legends of Sweet Hollow Road are many generations old. I hung out up there when I was a kid and I'm in my late 60s now.

The most common stories at that time had to do with a Cholera epidemic where many babies that died from that disease were buried in the cemetery just south of the parkway. If you went into the cemetery at night, you supposedly could hear the babies crying.

The other story was about a crazy farmer that would come out of the woods with a pitch fork and chase you down the road. We never saw anything unusual, but the area always held a big attraction to us.

I've probably traveled that road a couple hundred times in my lifetime and it has become more and more dangerous because of the speed that everyone wants to go through there at and the proximity of the trees to the edge of the roadway. Some of my younger friends tell me that what they like to do now is to run through there at night with their headlights OUT. How crazy can you get.

Recently a friend of mine hit a tree there and was killed. His four passengers also were severely injured. It wasn't alcohol, it was speed. Were his headlights on? I don't know, but I do know that I will never travel that road again at night, and it's not because of dangers created by the dead or the ghosts, but rather by the living...

Mar 30, 2011
a bunch of bunk..
by: john

i have lived in the area my entire life.. walked those woods and trails both night and day , and hung out in the woods as a teen ... and nope ..nothing this is all a bunch of nice stories. about a tiny slither of woods in a highly populated area...pure garbage.

Mar 12, 2011
White legs...
by: Christopher Jr

I think it was 2005 my friend Rob and I had nothing to do, we had just graduated it was summer time. We had a friend who lived in the area of mt. Mis. We had been down sweethollow manny times we knew the stories but I didn't believe them. We parked under the imfamous bridge and parked we didn't do the myth right and nothing happened. We continued up the rd @ an almost roll, after we passed the field on the right Rob slammed on the brakes nd a pair of white legs passed in front of his car about 10 feet away. I grabbed my head with both hands in panic like the world was ending. I asked Rob if he was seeing what I was seeing and he said, "legs man". There was no body. We had spent a min or 2 discussing wat we had seen nd were freaked out. Wefinally started up the rd excited from wat we had seen when he stopped again,A little girl. A little girl, she was standing 20ft off the rd 2 the left befor the old 3 rail wooden fence starts. She was wearing a school uniform, blue skirt, white collard shirt, blue sweater vest short brown hair nd was wearing glasses. I wasn't much afraid from watching Ghost shows nd being American Indian I feel things I can't explane I didn't feel a threat. I told Rob 2 ask her a question but instead he drove away. We had returned the next night nd it was raining. We traveled up the rd again but saw nothing. I still sometimes drive up the rd nd tell whoever I'm with, "that's the spot" they get freaked out because I don't explain y I say that but still 2 this day me nd Rob agrEe on what we saw.. I believe ur daughter saw the little girl. Not a doll. I 100% believe her. I wish I could see it again. I contacted L.I.P.I I believe it was called telling them about my incounter but received an Email back telling me they don't bring civilians on paranormal investigations. I wish they would go investigate the rd. I.KNOW what I saw nd BELIEVE.

Feb 27, 2011
I believe you
by: Anonymous

Hey man I believe you.supernatural phenomena iz out there.Believe me out not, I've seen and heard some stuff.I've made deals with demons and seen miracles.God has blessed me in so many different ways, its krayzie.But remember, god always has his hand on youre back and iz alwayz on your rite side.He will never leave or forsake you.Remember that

Feb 13, 2011
weird atv moment
by: Anonymous

i was jus there with my boys an hour ago we were in two cars parked under the northern state parkway waiting to get pushed then an atv came and some guy was flashing a light at the cars and then drove off. then we chased him down sweet hollow road and he dissapeared out of no where

Oct 08, 2010
by: Des

Wow, That must have been very scary the doll, the bear everything changed I hope that never happens to me.....EVER!!!!

Oct 04, 2010
scary but true story from a sane 23 year old
by: Anonymous

my friends and i have been going to mt misery for years, since highschool really, to get a scare. we used to read up on paranormal on the computer and get freaked out and curious so we would go drive around. a few times it was not paranormal that scared us but real people. we had a car riding so close behind us i had to speed up and they followed us a long way at too high a speed for the winding roads, we were scared and were about to call the police when they suddenly veered off and left us alone, on the pitch black road again. we left. another time we were on sweet hollow when a truck stopped dead infront of us and shut his headlights off. if youve been there you know its about a car and a half sided road. you have to be careful and move over at a stop to pass eachother. we didnt know if he was going to shoot us or what, an old man. i mustered the courage to try and fit around him which i did and slowly we wedged by, he stared at us the whole time. he stayed there until he vanished out of sight in our rear view. weird. the only paranormal thing that has happened to me there was driving up to the fallen trees at the begining of the woods at mt misery rd. 2 friends of mine with me, one girl one guy.. we were just driving and talking when out of the corner of my eye, while driving, i saw a big black dog running down one of the driveways, he went right past the garbage pails on the curb and thats when i realized he wasnt stopping. scared i might hit him, i jammed on my brakes, thats when we heard the thud. he ran smack into the side of my car. i saw his body on the ground through the window. we were so freaked i made our guy friend get out and see if it was dead. he was freaked but got out anyway, he walked around to the my side of the car, looked confused, walked around the back of the car, hopped in and said "GO". i listened, headed towards sweet hollow rd to leave instead of to mt misery. we were silent until i turned on old country rd. thats when i asked him what happened. he hesitated and said "there was nothing there.. no dog...". it was unbelievable, i know what i saw, we all heard the thud. but nothing. it was crazy, weird, i felt saddened, i dont know why. we didnt go back for a while. a few times we went we even got out and walked, i dont recomend that, its dangerous to walk in the woods and in any area at night. wanted to share my stories. its such an intriguing area.. it has history. no matter what happened there, it always drew us back..

Sep 11, 2010
crazzy nite!!
by: Anonymous

so tonite i went down sweet hollow rd with two friends like we do every once in a while. not only did we see about 2-3 ghost like silloutes in the woods my friend has gotten scared bc she felt sumthin tuggin on her sweatshirt and necklace. she though it was her couin in the vack seat but he said it wasnt him and i saw from the passanger seat that it wasnt. then wen she got freaked out she screamed get out of my car to whateever it was that was in there and immediatly she felt sumthin touchin her leg and her pant leg began to roll up!!! we all freaked out...after goin down the street a few times the driver and my friend sitting in the middle of the back seat said they heard whispering and wen thedriver looked in the back of her rearview a girl with black hair was sitting next to my friend and we all FLIPPED out. thats wen we decided itd be best to go home nut it was def the craziest nite ever!!

Apr 14, 2010
Mount Misery is a scary place
by: Anonymous

The last time I went to Mount Misery was about 10 years ago. My sister, our mutual friends and I used to love to drive through there for a good scare. We had never actually seen anything unusual but would play pranks on each other for some laughs. That is until one night when we took two cars. My sister was in the car with 2 of ours friends and I was in a car with one of our friends. Both cars took seperate routes to try and scare each other. However, the car I was in somehow wound up on a main road and the car my sister was in got lost in the side roads of Mount Misery. While the car I was in was driving on the main road, I saw a little girl who was pale as anything walking without any shoes on. She was there one minute and then gone the next. I knew she was a ghost. And at the same time I saw this little girl, the car my sister was in was in a minor fender bender. Needless to say, we didn't go back there for anymore scares.

Mar 29, 2010
spooky night
by: Anonymous

hi my name is taylor and i am 11. one night i was with my mom and my boyfriend and we were by the cemetary by were mary hatchet was buried. so i rolled down my window and took a flashlight and shined it on her grave cuz i had hered that if you shine a light on her grave then you will see a image of her coming out of her grave from whats he looked like when she died. so i shine a light and i see this white clody image coming from the grave and i was looking carefully and start to see this wierd thing walking towards my car so i quicly role up my window and saw these hand print printed on my window, so i started to think that the story could of been true.

another time i went on sweet hollow road i saw a little girl walking down the road alon with scratches all over her. so me and mu cousins followed it and before our eyes we saw it disapere out of nowhere and we drove off and saw it again except with a dog walking beside the child. we started to worry so we made a u turn and heard these voices in the car and we screamed and ran out of the car until it was clear. my dad ended up picking us up and we went home with the foot prints walking across the dirt in front of us. we ended up staying out at my aunts house and ended up being a peacful night.

Feb 27, 2010
My experience at SHR
by: Anonymous

About 11 years ago ... my friends and I would make the trip to Sweet Hollow Road ( I was living in Brooklyn at the time ).. On one occasion we seen a dog in the woods just starting at us. We tried to spook it but nothing worked. Not paranormal at all. But the next and last time we went there.... we parked the car near the stables and got out and walked. We heard children laughing in the woods all around us. We had camera's etc. but of course nothing came up. It scared all of us and we havent been back since at night. Who knows?

Sep 16, 2009
Hmmm, I Don't Know...
by: BassGuyGG

Hi Mark,

For years I have been reading that Sweet Hollow Road is a hotspot of paranormal activity. There are several urban legends (I won't repeat them here) such as "Crazy Mary" and the "Ghost Cop."

I'm sorry to report that I live on Old Country Rd. right off Sweet Hollow. I've been in my house more than twenty years. I've driven and walked Sweet Hollow Road all hours of the day and night. You can understand that with the canopy of trees making the road so dark even during the day, people think the road is spooky. But I have never, ever seen anything resembling paranormal activity on that road.

I know that area around Chichester road can seem a bit labyrinthine. I've gotten lost in there a few times myself. You think you're going one way and you are actually going another. It can be a bit deceptive.

I'm a bit skeptical but knowing that there are many things in the Heavens and the Earth we mortals don't understand, I have always tried to keep an open mind about ghosts. I've never seen one but I would be open to engaging one if I ever made contact.

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