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Stories of Mount Misery From A Sane 23 Year Old Female

by Samantha
(Levittown, NY)

My friends and I have been going to mt misery for years, since high school really, to get a scare. We used to read up on paranormal on the computer and get freaked out and curious so we would go drive around.

A few times it was not paranormal that scared us but real people. We had a car riding so close behind us that I had to speed up, and they followed us a long way at too high a speed for the winding roads. We were scared and were about to call the police when they suddenly veered off and left us alone on the pitch black road again.

Another time we were on Sweet Hollow road when a truck stopped dead in front of us and shut his headlights off. If you've been there you know the road is only about a car and a half wide. You have to be careful and move over at a stop to pass each other.

We didn't know if he was going to shoot us or what. I mustered the courage to try and fit around him which I did and slowly we wedged by. He stared at us the whole time and stayed there until he vanished out of sight in our rear view.

The only paranormal thing that has happened to me there was driving up to the fallen trees at the beginning of the woods at Mount Misery Road. 2 friends of mine were with me, one girl one guy.

We were just driving and talking when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a big black dog running down one of the driveways. He went right past the garbage pails on the curb and that's when I realized he wasn't stopping.

Scared I might hit him, I jammed on my brakes. That's when we heard the thud. He ran smack into the side of my car and I saw his body on the ground through the window.

We were so freaked I made our guy friend get out and see if it was dead. He walked around to the my side of the car, looked confused, walked around the back of the car, hopped in and said "GO".

I listened, headed towards Sweet Hollow Road to leave instead of continuing to the woods. We were silent until I turned on Old Country Road. That's when he told me there was nothing there, no dog.

It was unbelievable, I know what I saw, we all heard the thud. But nothing. It was crazy, weird, I felt saddened, I don't know why.

We didn't go back there for a while. A few times we went we even got out and walked, I don't recommend that, its dangerous to walk in the woods and in any area at night. Wanted to share my stories. It's such an intriguing area. It has history. No matter what we experienced there, it always drew us back.

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May 24, 2016
by: Anonymous

I use to hang out with older kids and we would drive up to Mount Misery in their little VWs.. and whoop it up. We did blow up a lot of M80's and firecrackers. It was like a mob scene there every Halloween. I do remember there being a very creepy big fountain that glowed in the dark when the moonlight hit it just right.

Sep 26, 2012
Scary Stuff

Ok so ive had quite a few experiences at Mt. Misery... 1 of which was a large doberman which charged my friend and i as we were walking up to the fallen trees from Jericho. It stopped immediately at the end of the driveway but scary none the less. Next I was driving up there once and every time i passed this certain tree, my bass speaker would hum...loudly. The last freaky experience was with a group of guys when we took a walk to the left path. I brought them there to freak them out, told them all the bs stories i had heard about the place, and as we were walking back to the car we all noticed tiny sparks emitting from our sneakers and boots. Every time someone lifted their foot it looked like a static shock. I couldn't explain it and they definitely saw on my face that i was freaked out. So we ran back to the car screaming like little girls and drove about 70 drifting the winding turns until we reached Old country rd. That's possibly the last time i was there. If I was alone I'd call BS even on myself, but i had people there who can verify each of my stories.

Sep 01, 2012
black dog
by: Anonymous

Back in 1996, I was driving in South Setauket, and I had a friend with me in the car. We don't drink, do drugs, smoke, etc. It was mid-afternoon and when passing a residential neighborhood, a black dog came running out of nowhere...BIG too... and I had to drive from 15mph and started going 40mph... the dog was like on the side of my car. I too hit the brakes and hear a THUD. It was like it shook it off and kept running at us. When we hit Nichols Road, we lost it. To this day, I always drive by that area and think of it.

Sep 12, 2011
guy in truck
by: chris

Crazy that you girls say this. The same thing happened to me last year when I was driving with my friends. The guy with the truck just stopped in front of my car. That kinda freaked me out, but once I past him I sped away and never looked back. lol

Aug 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

its crazy for me to think, i'm 22 and have been going there for years to check it out, and really nothing happened ever, but i took my 15 year old brother there a few nights ago and the same thing happened to us with the car and truck!

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