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Splish Splash Haunted?

by Alex

At nearly 100 acres Splish Splash is one huge park

At nearly 100 acres Splish Splash is one huge park

I'm sure everyone has heard of Splish Splash, the water park in Riverhead. What people may not know about is the supernatural energy that calls the park home.

I work in the park during the off season as a security guard posted in the park during grave yard shifts. My hours are from 3 PM to 3 AM. Surfing these 12 hours, I make a complete patrol of the park four times. When I first started, I had always felt like something was following me around the park; watching me wherever I went.

One night, I was patrolling the park, and while patrolling the new Kahuna Bay area, I felt the usual sensation of someone (or something) watching me. As I normally do, I ignored it and continued my scheduled patrol.

As I was leaving, I briefly heard the faint residual sounds of activity in the park coming from a different area. It sounded as of there were the sounds of playing children, talking parents and even the sound of music playing over the PA, as you would hear during open hours I the summer. It was only very briefly; two, maybe three seconds, and I thought nothing of it. It wasn't until later on during another patrol when I realized that there was something in the park with me.

Standing on the pathway down into the Monsoon Lagoon, you can see the boardwalk where all the food shops are. You can also see your shadow on the buildings across the park due to the bright lights that light up the upper half of the park.

I briefly felt something grab my elbow and this of course made me jump. When I turned back to face the boardwalk across the park I saw my shadow, which I expected, and a second shadow standing beside mine!

There was no one there, of that I was sure, but as clearly as I saw mine I saw a second shadow. After a second, as if it realized I noticed it, it took off, moving lefty, before vanishing. After I regained composure, I continued my patrol, albeit a little more on edge, and as luck would have it, the entity was not done following me yet!

Following my route, I travel behind the park through the 'members only' paths and around the the doors to the filter room for the Surf City wave pool. Low and behold, I could hear movement in the building and saw a shadow moving in the light under one of the doors. I sternly called out 'Who's there?' I was responded to with a long hiss, and a Loud bang. The shadow vanished and the noise stopped.

Since then, I continue my patrols, and work as usual, but now I know there's something there. My experience was further reinforced when another guard told me about similar shadows he had seen, and hearing voices and people talking when no one but him was in the park.

Of all places, Splish Splash is home to a supernatural being. Who would have thought?!

Editor's Note: Splish Splash is Long Island's only water park and was voted one of the Best Waterparks in America by the Travel Channel.

Splish Splash
2549 Splish Splash Drive
Calverton, NY 11933

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Aug 13, 2022
Idk I have a bad feeling when I am there NEW
by: Splish Splash visitor

So I got to splish splash every year with my big family I have always loved going there but some times I get a feeling that we’re being followed but I also get spooked by the fact that it was made In 1991
I know my splish splash VERY well so it’s odd that I feel scared any ways I went yesterday and it felt so weird i don’t know why o was having fun but went on dr vondark tunnel of terror it’s was odd because I have seen the video that they play and the sounds and the room display but it felt unsafe but I went and it felt so fun but then ITS ALWAYS the displays that are sketchy so when we went on holly wood it was less odd but still fell unsafe again it’s was fun but then we went on alien invasion and I was nervous bc I was my first time but excited then..we went on this is when it’s all went wrong for the four of us in the slide It was fun but when we fell it was fine but then I noticed that we fell super hard then we almost flipped over and my cousin Luna fell off luckily she was fine but we fell so ruff almost going over the limit of going up high..

Jun 05, 2015
count the shadows
by: A nonny muss

Like the title says, if you're at all familiar with DOCTOR WHO, it sure sounds very Vashta Nerada. With a hint of "shadow people" ( look it up, but be prepared to be afraid, as they can be quite creepy ).

Then again, it could be there's a localized dimensional overlay within that specific area, which is why one may experience the sounds of daytime/operating season activity. What people are usually experiencing in such situations is most likely a kind of multiphasic replay of events past or even future. I refer to them as "ghost gates", for the obvious reason. My theory is that if such energies could be actively harnessed, they might actually be utilized in one or either temporal direction for fast and cheap time travel between different times of the same space.

Mind you, this is just a theory.

Feb 24, 2013
by: Anonymous


Interesting... has it ever been investigated by a local paranormal team yet? If not, we'd be interested in helping you out!? I'm a fellow security officer and work in Manhasset. I too work in a location with paranormal activity. Would love to contact you or management and see if they would go for an investigation? Email me if you would like to talk more about it!

Dec 10, 2012
current employee
by: Anonymous

I am currently a night security guard as well at Splish Splash, better yet, I am posting from my phone in the booth at this moment. I too know about the unexplainable noises and occurances around the park, as I've been here a few nights a week, all year round for a couple of years now. I try my best to ignore all of those things, as often as they may happen. Sometimes out of complete silence there is loud bangs, flashing lights, anything really. I'm always on "guard" walking through here. I feel your pain fellow nocturnal explorer. We definitely aren't paid enough for this.

Aug 08, 2012
by: deborah

Husband and i live on river rd!! Backing up to u!! We have had numerous paranormal activties at our home!! With the history of the area!! It is in fact true!! We have had many investigations at our home!! Good luck!

Jul 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

omg iam going there in 2 weeks!

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