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Seeing a Spirit of Southold

by Rob
(New York)

My first wife and I would travel to her grandmother's house in Southold, Long Island almost every Friday night to escape life in the big city. We would arrive well after midnight only to climb into the bunk beds she and her sister had shared as children.

The bedroom doorway was aligned with the bathroom door with a small corridor between them. This corridor, having no windows, ended at a door to the outside about six feet to the left of the bedroom; it would be pitch black during the night.

It was about 3 AM that early Saturday morning when the call of nature beckoned. I slid out of the bottom bunk and walked the few steps to the bathroom. Entering the corridor, I noticed that there was what appeared to be an apparition to the left side of the bathroom door and he was looking looking directly at me.

I stopped and looked at him for a few seconds and, not giving it a second thought, walked into the bathroom. But as I did so, I was flailing my arms in front of me as you might if you were walking through a smoky room.

As I stood there, doing my business, it dawned on me that I did see a "ghost;" an older man a little over five feet tall with sloping shoulders and an unmistakably sad frown. His looking at me seems to be figurative; where his eyes should have been, there were skull-like gaping holes. He had the consistency of smoke, hence my arm flailing. He was, however, "bright" enough to be seen.

I am embarrassed to say that upon returning to bed, I did not go back for a second look; by now, I was spooked!

As I told my story that morning, my ex immediately got up from the breakfast table and returned with an old black and white photograph. With a big smile she excitedly asked "Did he look like this?!"

I looked at the picture and was shocked to see the "same" man with that sad face. It was her grandfather, who had worked long, hard hours in his Brooklyn bakery. Without missing a beat, her grandmother told us that he used to say "I will be watching over you after I am gone so don't be getting another husband."

It became apparent to me that they had seen him a number of times; it was just my turn.

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May 04, 2009
by: Emma

wow that was a really good story my friend wrote a story a story on this web site and it was how she saw her mothers grandfather rocking in a rocking chair and he would play with her everyday but i loved the part when the grandfather said i will always be watching over you or something like that.

May 30, 2008
just checking
by: Amanda

wow at least it was a familar and harmless encounter, i guess the ghost was just checking up on everyone.

Mar 07, 2008
by: Bill Drago

Great story, Rob.

It reminds me of a friend who moved into a new house and saw the ghost of the mother of the previous owner. She explained to the ghost that so-and-so moved, and she never saw the ghost again.

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