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Mysterious House

by Alyssa DiBartolo
(Smithtown, NY)

This Long Island ghost story was told to me by my father while we sat around a campfire in Montauk.

It was a hot summer day. His friend, John was moving into what was an abandoned house in Farmingville. My dad and a few other guys went to help him settle his furniture and belongings.

While they were setting up, my dad heard a noise like a click. It was the heater. "Who turned the heater on?" he asked. Everybody heard the noise, but no one had turned it on. It was summer. You didn't need a heater.

So, my dad went down to the cellar. Nope. The burner wasn't on. Strange, he could have sworn he heard it.

Later, there was a knock on the door. One of the guys answered it and nobody was there. About 3 minutes later. The loud, demanding, knock was heard again. One of the guys opened the door again and nobody was there. He looked around. In the bushes, down the driveway, in the street. Nobody was there.

The second he shut the door, BOOM BOOM BOOM! The knock was louder this time; he swung the door open as fast as he can. And yep, you guessed it, nobody was there.

Later, in the kitchen, they were storing things in the drawers and cabinets. In one of the drawers, my dad found a photo of an ugly-looking lady that was ripped in half.

That night, John woke up from bed to go to the bathroom. As he was walking down the hallway he saw in the mirror facing the staircase, a ghostly looking woman walking up the stairs.

That morning he called everyone and said, "I'm moving out." That day, everybody came back to help him pack up. When they were finished and my dad was about to drive home, he saw the same ugly-looking lady in the photo walking down the street.

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