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John Harvard’s Brewhouse
Tasting Notes - February 1, 2008

Listed below are notes taken during a visit to John Harvard’s Brewhouse. For more information about this restaurant and the beer they brew, use the link at the bottom of this page to read the complete review.

sample glasses
Samples follow tasting notes from right to left. (North Shore Gold is the half empty glass on the right. Espresso Stout is the very full glass on the left.)

North Shore Gold
Sean: Pilsner like aroma, light fruity hops. Dry. Big hop flavor and bitterness.

Bill: No aroma. Clear, light straw color. Flavor reminiscent of cardboard. Nice hop finish.

Long Island Light Lager
Sean: No aroma. Light body. Moderate hop bitterness and light hop flavor. Watery and thin. Tastes like the malt was over-extracted.

Bill: No aroma. Clear, straw color. More malty than the North Shore with a slightly sweet then sour finish.

Belgian Triple
Sean: Sweet roasted aroma. Sweet, roasted thick rich flavor. Metallic flavor. Light hop flavor and bitterness.

Bill: Strong wheat beer aroma. Clear, almost dark yellow in color. Very sweet. Long, smooth finish reminds me of the doughy part of Italian bread.

Golden Honey Ale
Sean: Very slight hint of honey aroma. Medium body. Slightly sweet. Light hop bitterness and no hop flavor. Strange aftertaste.

Bill: No aroma. Almost amber in color. Very lightly hopped. Malty and sweet. Lingering, sweet aftertaste is intolerable after a few sips.

John Harvard’s Pale Ale
Sean: No aroma. Big hop flavor and bitterness. Medium body. Relatively dry.

Bill: Flowery aroma. Light amber in color. Light roasted flavor. Malt and hops nicely balanced, but slightly sweet. Full bodied, but not robust.

El Chupacabra Barley Wine
Sean: Thick, sweet and very bitter. Big body but no malt flavor.

Bill: Sweet sangria like aroma with a hint of parmesan cheese. Amber in color and cloudy. Very sweet and malty.

Winter Splinter Ale
Sean: No aroma. Cinnamon or other spice flavor. Spices may have been over boiled because their bitter flavor comes through. Slight citrus flavor. Light body. No hop flavor or bitterness.

Bill: No aroma. Dark amber in color, cloudy. Sweet, lightly hopped

Double O Stout
Sean: Roasted chocolate aroma. Big roasted flavor. No hop bitterness or flavor. Light body. Not sweet and not dry.

Bill: Faint aroma. Dark and slightly cloudy. Sweet, roasty flavor, but weak.

Espresso Stout
Sean: Roasted coffee aroma with sweet overtones. Light body. Tastes like Long Island Lager with Black Patent added for coloring and that charcoal flavor.

Bill: Distinct coffee aroma. Very dark, clear. Initial burst of espresso-like flavor that fades fast with nothing left to back it up.

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