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Jealous Ghost

by Marika
(Ridge, Long Island NY)

My friend was doing some minor renovations to his home one afternoon and had to go to a local home improvement store to get materials. I decided to help him out with minor things around the house; like sweeping, doing the dishes, etc. As I was cleaning up I noticed a beautiful bush with pink flowers outside. I went outside and took a small bunch of the branches and put them in a small vase that was on top of the kitchen cabinets.

I continued my chores and heard a loud noise like a "thud" - almost like a body falling down on the wood floor. I ignored it and continued with the dishes. Then I heard the noise again. I decided to look around this time. I looked out the window, the backyard, the front yard, but there was nothing around. It was not a "car door slam" noise but it was coming from inside the house. I ignored it again and continued with the dish washing. I tried to ignore my fear now and decided it was just my imagination.

The noise did not stop and then it was really loud. Loud like someone was being thrown against the wall. I narrowed the noise down to the bedroom. The door was shut. I was afraid to open it but I was more afraid not opening it. I had to know. I had to see. I opened the door expecting to see anything/something. But, there was nothing there. I laughed it off and went back to the dishes. I heard the noise again but I said to myself, "No, this is not going to get the best of me". "I'm not going to be afraid."

As I was washing the dishes, I sensed something in back of me. I turned (which felt like slow motion) and on my left side was a figure of an old woman just standing there. Her hair was dark and she was looking down with her hair over her face. It was long and dark. She was dressed in a white old-fashioned nightgown. Long sleeves, long in length and up to her neck.

I didn’t say anything but I left out of the house. The water was left running in the sink. As I am completely out of the house, I can't leave since my keys and cell phone are on the kitchen counter. I was so afraid to go back inside the house but needed at least one of the two items. Either I can call my friend to come back quickly or grab my keys and leave in my car. I decided to go quickly in the house and grab my things as fast as I can hoping I wouldn't get grabbed by this "thing" and get thrown clear across the room. I was seriously thinking that this was going to happen.

I got my phone and keys and sent a text to my friend stating, "there's something angry inside your house." He came back and saw how frightened I was. I explained what happened and he saw the flowers and vase. He was stunned because he said that the bush was planted there a long time ago and was there when he had moved in. The vase I had used to put the flowers in was also in the house before he moved in.

The "woman" was probably jealous of my presence in "her" kitchen. He didn't think I was crazy because he explained to me that ANY female that has entered or stayed around him in that house has had some kind of "experience" with the supernatural. He stated he doesn’t usually tell anyone about this "thing" until something happens.

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