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Intelligent Haunt in Ridge

by Michael Guerino
(Lindenhurst, Long Island)

I am a ghost person and always seem to have encounters. I was in a forgotten cemetery off of Whiskey Road that I knew as a child and always frequented. One night in May several years ago I was there alone and I was feeling the strange feeling that at any moment something was going to happen.

I was brave enough to ask if anyone was here and needed to contact me, the feeling got even more intense so I was getting unnerved and then as soon as I had asked that question a gravestone fell over.

This was an old burial and barely visible dates on it and it had fallen over literally at my feet! I was frozen and the urge to run was there! I did! I came back the next day and tried to read the stone, but couldn’t make it out.

A few years later I was checking cemetery records on the internet and found that one of the children buried there had died on my birthday, May 2nd, over a hundred years ago. I was never able to know if that was his stone or not, but I feel it was and this haunt responded to me.

One other time in the same cemetery I had asked for a sign and a wind gusted. No other wind but that one... that was weird but I think it is intelligent and not random.

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Aug 30, 2012
Cemetary in Ridge
by: Anonymous

I live in Ridge near Whiskey Road. Where is this cemetery??????

Sep 10, 2010
re: cemetery on whisky rd
by: Anonymous

whereon whiskey rd is this cemetery? curious to check it out.

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