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I saw a UFO but I don't remember seeing it.

by JC
(Former Long Islander)

This happened in 1956. I was seventeen years old, my brother was 20. We had a guest, a young man who was about 20. Our home was in Greenport. We went to a local golf driving range one evening. The drive wasn't too far, but I don't know what town it was in.

He said that a group of very bright lights had come down from above and rested on the range, then lifted up and away.

He said that he then asked us: "Did you see that?" and that we both said "Yeah! What the heck was it?" or some such thing. My brother said that by the time we left the range, he was the only one of the three of us who had any recollection of the touchdown or of our conversation about it.

My brother never mentioned anything about the ufo until years later. I asked why he waited so long to mention it, and I don't remember his exact words, but the drift was that it was very unpleasant to talk about it. He wasn't given to telling tall tales. He was an engineer, loved mathematics, liked things logical and light-hearted.

I guess this just didn't compute, and that was what gave him the creeps.

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Apr 07, 2016
Similar Experience NEW
by: Anonymous

I had something similar happen to me. And I am very relieved to know that there are others who have experienced the same. Early 2010 Lutz, FL. I was 18. My friend, his brother, and my girlfriend at the time and I were drinking Four Lokos on his driveway one night. We each had a can. My ex and my friend's brother were socializing about 10 feet away from us while me and my friend were in the middle of a conversation we both witnessed a disc-shaped UFO slowly rise up over the trees from the woods behind his backyard (I guess it was already landed somewhere back there, perhaps submerged in a swamp?). After we witnessed it slowly ascend over the trees in disbelief, it zipped away into the sky in a blink of an eye. Then I asked excitedly asked him, "Did you see that!?" And he said "Yeah, man! Wtf!?" We turned to the other two and asked them if they saw it, and they said "no." They missed. And then from that moment I do not recall the rest of the night. Nor do I recall if the UFO had lights. I didn't remember sighting this UFO the following day. Heck, I didn't remember this ever happening until 2 years later in late 2012 when that same friend asked me about the incident! I remember that night vividly of all of us hanging out and also what I saw but for some reason it still feels like it was only a dream or something! Can anyone else relate to this experience? Please help. Thank you.

Jan 02, 2014
Red orb out at sea
by: Red orb

I too have had a similar experience and have always felt privileged not frighten or scared by it. The only thing that did make me question it a bit was that I initially forgot all about it for several months!!! I was up on Dover cliffs in Kent England at night with my boyfriend at the time looking out to sea and looking up at the stars and I/we saw a red light. We were both fixated on it. We asked if we were both seeing this but did not take my eyes off of it. It was amazing. It started moving so slowly in a perfectly straight line, so so slowly and then started zig zagging about the horizon so fast you can't imagine anything in our known technology to be capable of! It then shot up into the nights sky in a vertical straight line again so so fast! And then straight down as if it disappeared into the sea, it disappeared beyond the horizon one way or another! It was incredible. We drove home shortly after and discuss it on our drive back home but the strange thing is we didn't discuss it again and forgot about it until several months later, when my then boyfriend heard on the radio that there had been recent sitings. We were amazed that until this had triggered both our memories, that we'd actually temporarily forgotten this experience! If I worked for people that kept these things top secret then I would also keep it private but I doubt I'll ever have that chance in life so I thought I should share it. This was in 1993. I hope I see something like that again in my lifetime ...

Oct 13, 2012
It is real! More real than you'll ever know!
by: Anonymous

You wouldn't believe me even if I told you. I know what I saw and what came over me after that day!

Jul 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

My father always told a story of being in the Airforce in the 1950's. One of his friend's had a wife that worked for the government. He told my father a story that his wife told him which was confidential at the time. Apparently some kids were walking home from school one day and one of the kids was lifted right into the sky. The friends saw the kid literally ascending into the sky. The kid was never seen since. My father is in his 80's now and as straight an arrow as they come. But when he would tell that story I could see the fear in his eyes.

Jul 21, 2012
My family saw a UFO and some dont remember
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone, I have a similar story. In 1983 we lived in Bakersfield, California My Mom , Dad, 2 younger brothers had just parked in front of our house. We had just got back from a family get together. I remember it was very late maybe 3 or 4 in the morning. We lived on a culdesac, last house next to a very large empty field. Well, as we all exited the car, one of us yelled to look at the sky. We saw a disk with lights spinning along the perimeter slowly moving towards us from the field. I remember my mom giving me the keys to the house and telling me to get the camera. They all stood next to the car watching this object in the sky and I remember running to the front door, unlocking the door, and that's it. no more memories.

In 1986 or 87 my brothers and I started to remember this event. To this date my mom and dad have no memories of that night. 3 years ago my brothers and I got together and decided to draw what we saw that night. we all describe the same UFO and events. My brother actually drew a picture of the inside of this UFO.

This might not mean anything but I used to have dreams of monsters trying to get in the house, and me locking all the doors, and windows. And a reoccurring dream of what I describe as abstract shapes, all mixed together. Triangles, squares, circle all different shapes and sizes. Has anyone else heard of dreams like this associated to ufo sightings?

Jul 19, 2012
I don't know if Im allowed to share this...
by: Anonymous

Wow, I can't beleave I'm sharing this story. I guess its good thing Im anonymous as everyone I share this story with thinks I'm crazy and would find me crazy sharing this. Around 1994, San Jose, CA, my 2 cousins and I were playing bastketball around 3PM in the afternoon in June, summer vacation time. Nice sunny day. At around 5PM we decided to gather our stuff and walk home. The school bastket ball court was only 2 blocks from my home. Half way home and with my 2 cousins infront of me, I get a wierd feeling that we're being watched. I turn around and see no one, oddly enough, I look up and see an object that looks kinda like a zepplin made of metal. I kinda remember some wierd writing. It made no noise dispite the fact that it was perhaps half a mile above us and appeared to be as big as a football stadium, right on top of my neighborhood! I tell my cousins to turn around, one says "What the hell?!". From here I remember walking to my front door and never talking about it again. I don't even remember what happened before we got to my front door. Heck, I didn't even remember this memory until a few years ago when something on TV triggered this memory. I remember calling my cousin after recalling it, explaining it to him, and him saying "How the hell did I forget that?!". Another odd thing though is that I feel programmed to not delve deeper into that memory with him. My other cousin claims to have completely forgotten the memory. All in all, I have been both inspired and frightened from what I've seen. If such technology is possible, then we are only scratching the surface of technology. And so I've enjoyed a life of RnD and inventing things. But it does frighten me, the thought of how easy it was to become brain washed. NE ways thank you for listening to my story. If you have the same experience, please share, and if you don't beleave me thats great, I wish I didn't beleave me either. But I saw what I saw.

Mar 11, 2012
I've had a similar experience as you all
by: Sam

---PsychicHT--- , I saw the very same thing as you. No joke, and I'm kind of freaking out. I was 8 or 9 and it was a bright summer day, I was alone standing on my back porch. I live near a military air base and plane fly over all the time, when I heard it coming I instantly knew. It didn't sound like a plane, it was quieter, a low hum. Its almost like I felt the thing see me. It made an impossible 80 degree or so turn towards me, and me in perticular. Its like it changed engine types or something, because it became dead silent in an extremely rapid desent. A triangle, hard-rounded corners, engine on each point, (3 burners to 1 engine, triangle placement to eachother). It hovered over my neighbors home, 80 feet up or so, the wind blowing the tree in their year around like a storm yet silent, and it turned down inorder to "face me" I would say, because it had a windsheild. 100% black tint. I was scared shitless I couldn't move I didnt what it could do I thought my whole family could die. But then it just hovered up and away at an angle (about 100 feet, across the street and down a little I'd say) and then it flew off at a mind blowing speed. I'd describe it as an it going to speed of light accelerration because it took off and left the atomosphere with only a small flash of light. i'll never forget it changed my life. also, I live a few blocks away from a safeway geocery store, and next to my old middle school. for all i know, it was the same one.

Aug 16, 2011
i CAN relate fully
by: Anonymous

I saw something when very young, while walking home with my brother, while living in our hometown of idledale co. I do not recall a duration of time, and ever since things have been different significantly, to say the least. I will not say I had a abduction, as I do not know, or remember anything other than a light my brother and I notice seemingly falling at rapid speed from the iniverse, or so it seemed, then I remember waking on the hill side and the world seemed lit up yet it was still dark, and I knew whatever had happened I was meant to not remember but apply in life. I also know that my brothers encounter was less than satisfactory, he would have been getting the refund treatment for sure, had they given tickets to suffice an unsatisfied customer. When we were on the hill side with the world looking iluminated he was terrifed and scared of what we could not recall since. I remember that I was of use, and I seemingly learned from the encounter of what ever magnitude or purportion it was that night as a young boy, walking through a small colorado mountain town

Jan 16, 2011
Reality Check Anyone?
by: Anonymous

Your responders would seem more credible if they could at least stop generalizing their experiences. It moved "faster then a ak-47 bullet",etc.
One so-called Camp Hero "investigation exposed" some diabolical scientific experiment in the early 1990's. Well it was just a NY National Guard training exercise transmitting communications to Cape Cod. Camp Hero is full of hazards, holes, weak structures, asbestos, etc. I was part of that exercise and we were briefed on all these safety hazards.
All these "curious types" will be the first to complain or sue-- if they were hurt at Camp Hero. So when some park worker tells people to stay out-- their doing their job.

Dec 07, 2009
I saw one in August. NO JOKE.
by: PsychicHT

I was out grocery shopping with my mom and brother when I saw it. It was a black triangle with a light at each point. It zoomed so fast across the sky it made my mom and I flip! (Not the car. We freaked out) Anyway, I saw it again. It hovered a few hundred feet in the air but seemed to have followed us home. A few blocks away near my old middle school I saw the thing make a complete 360 then shot out of the sky faster than a bullet leaving the barrel of an AK-47. Crazy fast. The wind picked up at its departure then calmed. It was so friggin' eerie dude not kidding you. My grandfather saw one too. But he was in his 30's then. He past away a few years ago, but his memory never makes me forget this.

Nov 18, 2009
I believe this is true
by: Anonymous

We were driving to go fishing on Long Island and we saw something in the sky over Rt. 495. Then we saw something again when we were in the town of Mattituck. This all happened on November 16, 2009 at about 5:15am. I really believe in sightings.

May 23, 2009
1956 was a popular year for UFO sightings
by: Anonymous

I was reading a book and the year 1956 was a very popular year for UFO sightings, so you probably aren't the only one ho encountered a strange phenonanon like this.

May 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

wow that was a great story i saw something like that too and you never no when it comes to something like this

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