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Haunted dog kennel

by Joy
(Bayport, NY)

I've been a dog trainer for several years and when I started learning the tricks of the trade I worked in an old (but wonderful) kennel in Ronkonkoma. I worked there for 2 years on and off and still frequent it to this day.

It has always been my happy place especially back when I was in charge of the breeding program, I loved to come in early or stay the night with the new born and young puppies.

As much as I love this place there have been 2 occurrences here that have rocked me to my core. They may not seem like much to most people but it's my only ghost story so I'd like to share it with the rest of Long Island.

The first instance involved me working by myself in the middle of a warm summer day in the south outdoor kennel. The kennel was designed with a series of gates in order to insure that no dogs got loose on the busy streets surrounding the kennel. Well on this particular day, as I said I was totally alone. It was a Sunday, so even the surrounding business were closed for the day. As I cleaned the runs (which were 12 foot long kennels that ran on the ground topped by 6 foot kennels that topped them for smaller dogs) I heard a voice in a monotonous tone saying over and over again, "Good boy, good boy."

I froze on the spot and then spun around looking for any possibly explanation for the voice. No one was anywhere around. I assumed it was my imagination and went back to work, but with in seconds there it was again! "Good boy, good boy."

That was enough for me, I ran inside the building and waited for the other worker to get back from his lunch.

On the second occasion I was in the north kennel gathering dog bowls that had been used for breakfast to clean for dinner. I had made my way out of the runs and was headed toward the parking lot. Because of how the kennel is you have to lock every gait behind you before you go into another part of the kennel.

I got to the main gate and looked back to make sure I had indeed closed every gate, seeing I had I unlocked the main gate and turned around to push it open with my shoulder. As I did, I saw and felt a medium size white dog brush past my leg and run past me!

In a panic, I dropped all the bowls and went to take off after him, but the dog was no where to be seen. Thinking it headed into the woods, I ran inside to get my co-worker. We checked ever kennel and no dogs were missing!

To this day I have no explanation for either instance. Being an old kennel where many homeless dogs were taken in and spent their lives, of course many have also passed on, so I wasn't exactly surprised at the fact that a ghost dog still enjoyed running free and worrying the workers!

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