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Ghost in Port Washington

by James B. Turner
(New York, NY)

I was home from College and alone in the family house. The house had seen its share of sorrow with both my parents passing at young ages after long illnesses. We would also find Indian artifacts in the backyard as kids – arrowheads and paint pots. The house was surround by woods near Long Island Sound.

We had a caretaker staying at the house as m the house was on the market. The caretaker did not like staying there. She heard sounds and felt like she was being watched all the time. Chandeliers would move....just a big empty house. I would often experience unexplained cold spells. We would hear sounds upstairs if we sat in the family room. You always felt some kind of presence.

I was in my room with my dog and we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. My dog started to growl and I grabbed a stickball bat. The footsteps continued and something went past my door. I could barely look up – almost frozen with fear. No one else was in this house but me, my dog, and this entity coming up the stairs and now in the hall.

At this point my dog was growling loudly. We both inched to the door and stood in the hallway. 15 feet away there was a mist in the hall. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was not seeing things. My dog was scared as was I. The mist moved slightly – a white mist and I could see through parts. Then it started to swirl and then moved through the hall wall, disappearing.

No way I was going to spend the night at that house. I grabbed the dog and fled to my car, spending only one more night in that house before it was sold.

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