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Ghost Cat?

by Tara
(Bay Shore)

Like most children I grew up with pets and the one really bad thing about pets is that we out live them. I lived in a house in Bay Shore, Long Island and grew up with many cats.

So one night I was just getting ready to drift off to sleep as I felt a kind of heavy presence pressing into my back. It was warm like a cat curled up on me as I slept. The only problem was my cat was an outside cat at the time and she was no where near me. The feeling didn't go away.

I would get up, walk around and lay down, and without fail, the pressure would come back. Needless to say I was creeped out but not at all scared, the presence was more of a comforting nature so I fell asleep.

That next morning as I walked to the bus stop for school, I found my cat dead in the road. She was hit by a car. Needless to say I was quite spooked. That feeling never came back after that one night.

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Feb 05, 2015
Astral something or rather NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the notion that it does have something to Astral dimensional something or rather, I'm not to familiar with that stuff. I only say that because, since I've been living in my apartment I've been having out of body type dreams that are unlike any other Dreams I've ever had. They're lucid dreams in which I have to intentionally remove myself from my body and the entire time I'm away I have a slightly uncomfortable and dizzying sensation and I feel as is something is pulling me back to my body like my body is a vacum and I only have so much energy to stay away. Once, I start feeling really dizzy I can't fight it any longer and I'm sucked back in. As soon as I'm "back" I usually awake cause, I have to take a gasping breath! I've learned things in these strange dreams for instance, I asked someone where I was and they said California and I again asked where I was they reiterated California, Kentucky! It didn't make sense at the time because California and Kentucky are 2 different places. When I awoke I looked on the Internet and found that there is a city called California in the state of Kentucky! I was a little surprised that I had learned something from a dream even if it was only coincidence. Also, I've been having continued dreams that are also lucid. I know I'm lying in my bed as it really exists and I can see everything in my room as it is only I can hear what sounds like my mother talking to my sisters or others at times and it's so real yet, I live alone. The other day I heard my family talking in one of these strange lucid dream states so, I decided to call to my mom and to my surprise she heard me and came in my room. I saw an a transparent outline of her just as the cats have seem to appeared at times. I could hear here footsteps and see this transparent form of her she asked me what was up and I told her that I just wanted to tell her I love her. I haven't told my real mother about this yet as it only happened last week. I tried the same things with my "dream" sisters and had the same experiences. The only thing that makes me think these dreams are related to the cats is that they started happening around the same period of times the cats showed up and my family members had a similar apperance as the cats have at times. I don't know if it's somekinda cross dimensional alternative reality situation or just normal dreaming but, it's not necessary fir me to ne asleep to interact with these cats. The cats behaviors have varied from very sweet to not so nice and exhibit personality characteristics that none of my previously owned cats have. So WTF!? Is going on here!? :-)

Feb 04, 2015
Astral Travel NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm looking for answers too. If it's not the spirit of a deceased cat, could it be a live cat having astral experiences while it's sleeping? The energy that comes with the cat is interesting. It's like a ball of pulsing light that you can't see. My "cat" is more wary of me than I am of it. It stays at the end of the bed. If I'm sleeping, it may come and lay next to me. If I reach out to it, it moves back. I can't see it. On occasion I can hear loud purring. It wakes me out of a sound sleep. You are lucky that you can see it. The spirit is so gentle. What on earth is happening? I have a habit of talking to it when I go into the bedroom. I've never experienced it anywhere else. I'm a little nervous about having anyone stay at my house. I don't want it scared away, and I don't want anyone else scared. I have thrown a toy on the bed, and I can feel it walk up to it. This has been going on almost three years. 🐈

Feb 04, 2015
Answers Please? NEW
by: Anonymous

I've been keeping up with this site since I found it because, I have been experiencing this phenomenon for more than a year now. It seems that everyone is having the same exact experiences with slight variances of intensity. I have a hard time believing in ghosts and, I'd be more tham happy to concede that this phenomenon is a result of some version of sleep paralysis but, I don't need to be even slightly asleep to jave these encounters. I can usually interact with theses "cats" ny simply sitting down somewhere in my apartment whether its my bed in my bedroom or a chair in my living room, all I have to do is sit down and go about my business and within anywhere from instantly to an hour, one of these "cats" will hope on my lap or somewhere near to where I'm sitting. And, they don't seem to be the same cats year round. At certain points I've been able to visually see them just like living cats and I didn't recognize any of them as cats I've ever seen in my life. There is a vet clinic behind my apartment building but, its a few buildings down and not directly behind. Plus, I'm on the 4th floor of my building and my apartments are animal free for the most part. Maybe, that's why they lije it here for all I know. I'm still baffled and having these visitors on a regularly continuing basis. It doesn't bother me most of the time but, I'd really like to get some possible answers from someone and not just more stories about what I'm already experiencing.

Feb 04, 2015
Ghost Cat for sure NEW
by: Tim

I am so glad to find this site. I have had cats for a big part of my young adult life because my 2 young daughters always wanted them, my daughters are both grown and Married and moved out and our two main cats "Rascal" and "Momma kitty" have been dead for several years now (Rascal died in the back yard about 6 years ago) and (Momma Kitty died living with my daughter about 2 years ago) so I have not had any real cats around the house for several years. Over the past few years I have felt something walking on the bed 3 or 4 times after I lay down to go to sleep but these events were few and far inbetween. My dog passed about 5 months ago and shortly after that I started feeling what feels like a cat walking on the bed once I lay down to go to sleep, the first few times I was totally freaked out but since it has happened every night for the past few months I have become used to it and now even almost feel comforted by it.The "cat" hops on the bed about 5 seconds after I lay down to go to sleep and most nights I can feel it walking around my legs as I lay under the covers. Night before last I felt it walk to the head of the bed to where my head was and I had the sheet pulled over my mouth the cat was licking the sheet where my mouth was under the sheet, this continued for a few minutes. I would still like to know what it is or what causes this. I have never believed in ghost but I am becoming more open to the idea now that I have experienced this phenomenon first hand.

Feb 01, 2015
Re: my comment below NEW
by: Anonymous

As I was writing my comment below, I just had a thought.

In my neighborhood, there are actually two cat colonies (stray cats). I live in the middle of the two of them. In the warmer weather, when I sit on my porch at night, one of them often would "visit" by hopping on the roof of the shed right by my porch.

I have also been wanting to get a real cat for some time, it's just that my apartment is pretty small, and the window sills are kind of tiny. I know cats enjoy sitting on them... so I hesitate to actually get a cat as I wonder if it would actually be happy in my apartment.

So I wonder if my desire for a cat, plus the fact is that there are real cats without homes near my apartment has something to do with this? lol, I feel kinda looney for offering these facts as explanation for the phenomenon, as it's happening to me.

Feb 01, 2015
This has been happening to me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I googled this phenomenon, and I am just so surprised there are other people who are having this same experience I am. Mine started about 9 years ago, right after my beloved kitty passed away. Growing up, she used to sleep with me every night. However, for her last couple years, I had actually been living away from home (she lived with my parents and never left home with me).

Her passing away was heartbreaking for me. I have never had another cat since. However, not so long after she passed away, I started to feel the sensation of a cat spirit with me every morning when I woke up. I assumed it was her, because it "felt" like her. I found this to be very comforting. It was very strong at first, but seemed to lessen after I moved out of state. However, it would still happen, there was just no rhyme or reason as to how or when it would happen as far as I could tell.

Recently, the sensation has been returning. It culminated very strongly just a couple mornings ago. I woke up in the morning, and I could clearly feel the shape of a cat in my bed. I felt the cat walk around my bed. The cat then began "kneading" my legs, which was actually quite pleasant. I have always enjoyed it when real cats do the "bread kneading" thing. I just sort of accepted it was happening, without having any idea why or how it happens.

Now, I don't know if this cat is still my cat I owned. It's hard to tell. She never did that action to me. However, while the cat's presence was with me, I could feel the cat there. I could feel the shape of the cat if that makes sense.

I have no idea what is causing this phenomenon, but it's so interesting to hear other people having such a similar experience to mine. I have never felt fear from this experience, I can only hope it is coming from a place of innocence and positivity.

Jan 22, 2015
Ghost Cat
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad I found this site. I've been looking for this phoenomenon for over two years. I can't see "my" cat, but I know where it's at on the bed. It checks in almost every day. I feel like something is wrong when it doesn't come to see me. I've never experienced this before. It has me in awe. Sometimes it stays at the end of the bed because iits energy is too high. I've been awakened by its energy with my legs shaking. This is why it doesn't come near me at times. Once I moved my leg and felt it brace itself when I booted it. It made me laugh. I wish there was a psychic person out there who could read these stories and tell us why this is happening. I've gone over imagination and possible mental issues. Nada, this is real.

Jan 12, 2015
Ghost Dog and Ghost Cat
by: Anonymous

What a good idea. I'll try that. I have pretended to be asleep & the cat ghost paces up & down on the bed. I can feel it. One morning I slept in, & it made a fuss at the end of the bed. I have a photo of the dog, a black cockapoo. I was able to track where it was by moving it with my leg on the bed. I used an iPad camera. It was on a plush throw, so it's debatible whether it was the patterns on the solid color. But, I can see its eyes and big black nose, which was a prominent feature on this little dog. I have tried to be scientific about this. I have gotten out of bed to prove I'm awake. When I got back in, it was still there. I'll try the eye trick too.

Jan 12, 2015
Just relax
by: Anonymous

On the occasions that I was able to see these "cats" , my ability to see them required that I remained in the still position in which I awoke in. However, I was able to maintain eye movement and still see them for a short time. So, if you'd like to take a peek at these things keep as relaxed and still as possible, don't even move your head, once you feel like you've been awaken by the presence of these things. Another trick I've learned is to close your eyes when you feel like their presence is directly in your line of sight. Once, you've shut your eyelids you'll have to try and focus your eyes as if you are trying to look at the back side of your eyelids. At this point I able to see these "cats" or whatever they are in the form of what looks like a cats shadowy presence. Just a couple ideas you might try if you're interested.

Jan 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

I'm not so sure it's a human spirit masquerading as a cat though I have also thought of the possibility of it. I also thought these cat spirits could possibly come in tow along with human spirits.

Jan 12, 2015
Spirits or?
by: Anonymous

I haven't had that happen to me. Excuse my thoughts, without an open mind. I have had a feeling of a cat jump on my legs and walk on my legs, and that's it. I always thought it was a human spirit or something. But who really knows?

Jan 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

I wrote about the cat and dog spirits. I have also thought about it being a human spirit or an angel. However, I can feel the cat grooming itself and scratching an itch. Once I felt the tail of the cat go through my toes when it jumped off the bed. I wish I could see them. The energy they give off is can be felt. Sometimes it wakes me up out of a sound sleep. Who really knows. Unless you experience it, it's hard to understand. Thanks for your thoughts.

Jan 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

I really don't think these are animal spirits as most of you are claiming. It's most likely a spirit of a person who wants you to know they are there and around you.

Jan 08, 2015
Ghost Dog and Ghost Cat
by: Anonymous

I babysat my nephew's 3 dogs frequently. When the first little dog was dying I was at the animal facility with the family. About 2 wks later I was awakened during the night feeling an animal on the bed. I was frightened the first couple times. It was there during the day too. I couldn't see it but could feel its energy. It has playfully jumped on my leg and back when I was not aware it was on the bed. My nephew died about two years later and it left, I think, to be with him. I had cats when very young many years ago. Since the dog left, a cat has been coming at night. I can hear loud purring on occasion. A neighbor a few house away rescues cats. I don't know where it came from. Sometimes it doesn't show up for a week or more. I can feel when it's happy. Sometimes it doesn't want to be touched and leaves. I do have a router in my bedroom for a computer in my office. I think the cat comes in the form of an orb & either lands on the floor or the bed. It gives me a sense of awe. Its energy is like a vibration or motor running.

Jan 05, 2015
I recently lost my cat
by: Anonymous

About a few days ago my cat ran out my front door already injured with a bad foot
I have searched and searched for him I've been depressed about him being gone hoping he is OK and safe somewhere but I keep seeing him around my house I hear thumps and bangs in the night but nothing to explain it today i was cleaning my room today and saw him go under my bed I looked to see if the dog was under the bed since that would explain it but he wasn't there was no explanation for what I saw except that I'm going crazy I dream about him every night everything in my apt reminds me of him I have such a heavy wait in my heart i pray ever
y night and day that
t he is OK and safe and to return home safely I've been lookin all around the internet for answers to my hallucinations of my cat appearing in my house because I have never had this happen I don't see thimgs that's not me I do believe in supernatural but I don't see ghosts this has me wondering if I'm going nuts please help I'm so sad and hurt my cat was one of my kids to me he was my baby

Dec 30, 2014
My Ghost Cat
by: RedLady821

So I'm on break for the holiday's and today I was just lounging in bed for most of the morning because I didn't have to get up. I had just hung up the phone with a friend and was lying there thinking about what I was going to do with my day when I felt a cat jump onto the bed. It was definitely a cat because I have two of them, but they're not allowed in the bedroom because my husband doesn't like cats in the bedroom.

Anyway, I felt the cat jump onto the bed and start to walk across the covers and I kinda rolled my eyes because I was saying to myself...he doesn't want the cats in the bedroom but yet he let one of them in as he was leaving for work. I turned over fully expecting to see Blue or Indigo on the bed and there was nothing. OK...ghost cat. Like I said, I know a cat when I feel one.

Just to make sure I got up and went into the hallway and both cats were sitting there waiting to be fed. I have had paranormal experiences before and trust me, they always start with the cats, but sometimes something bigger gets in. I am going to pray tonight that nothing else got into my room besides the ghost cat.

Dec 20, 2014
Feeling of a cat walking on me
by: April

When I am sleeping at night sometimes I wake up to something that feels like a cat is walking across my legs. It feels so real. Whatever this is, it walks all the way up my legs until I move, then it stops. I look and nothing is there.
One time I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't move at all. I felt it start at the bottom of my legs and walk all the way up to my back, I couldn't take it anymore, so I moved, and the feeling stopped.
I'll feel it jump on the bed then always automatically just start walking across my body.
This has started happening to me about four months ago. It happens about 4 days a week. It stopped for a month and just came back again this week. I don't know what it is but it scares me. Its hard to sleep. It never hurts me that's why I feel like its ok.
I wish I knew what this was and why it happens to me. I have no cats that have passed away. My cats I do have is put away at night and cant get into my room.
Not sure what to think?

Dec 19, 2014
Scares me
by: Anne

I was fascinated at first with the sensation until it wouldn't go away. I expected it to stop when I became afraid since any pet or person I've ever known has not caused me fear. If it's an entity it should be aware of my discomfort and respond when I wish it to stop. When it does respond favorably I welcome it's presence, but when it continues despite my fear I give a strong push with my legs and it leaves me alone.

What's interesting is that I can 'summon' the sensation just by thinking about it but need to be physical to remove it. Strange.

Nov 25, 2014
Animals ? Ppl? or Medical ?
by: Anonymous

Hello , actually I'm sorta relieved to see others with the same experience. I've had this happen many times over last 3 years and actually again last night almost immediately upon rolling over on my side. 3 quick bumps around my feet . I looked nothing there.(outside lights make it visible in my room) I was wide awake, not asleep, no sleep paralyzed issues I've also read about. Sometimes it just feels like someone is sitting down on edge of bed, honestly in the beginning very scarey thinking someone was in my room. I've even ran my digital audio recorder I have at night ( which only ran for like 3 hours , batteries died) to see if I would hear anyone . But I didn't hear anything on it . Its such a crazy sensation and very very real one I find it hard to believe its in my head . I do have hip problems and some pain so when they say it's nerves etc I try to find documentation on that and I can't find any . I mean really how can my mind create such thing ? I dont twitch or anything but do have bad hips . Also my god father had major surgery last night , we haven't heard anything yet ... I don't know if I really believe in ghosts, I believe more in cherish what we have while we are alive.. Soo confused... Would love a link to show me how my mind is making me think these things and a valid one ;) oh and yes I've had a cat pass we had for 16 yrs, a true family member <3 but he never slept with me.

Nov 18, 2014
Re: Got Answers?
by: Anonymous

This happened to me, but has since stopped. I also had some really weird electrical sensations going off felt like nerves being stimulated on my body that came with the cat on the bed and a one time when a static electric feeling went from my feet to my waist.

I searched the web for anything like I felt or answers but found nothing. These cat spirits seem to feed off and can emit electrical energy, that is how they manifest themselves much like human spirits.

It's possible that they come thru a portal created by an electrical source or feed off of that source. One place to start is to check your sleeping area for electrical transformers or power supplies such as those used on laptops and cordless phones they are usually large black boxes that are part of the plug or are somewhere on the cord. Those powers supplies emit high levels of EMF=electrical magnetic frequency which I believe opens portals for these lower level spirits to enter thru or allows them to recharge themselves as they need electrical energy to manifest...I know it sounds crazy (but so do ghost cats) so if you want it to stop then do as I said and try it. You will have to unplug these devices to see if it helps.

Good luck

Nov 18, 2014
Anyone got answers?
by: Anonymous

So, I see that other people are experiencing the same phenomenon that I've come to know. But, what the in the world is going on here? At the moment there only seems to be a couple of these "ghost" like cats staying with in my apartment but, around this time last year when I first started noticing these things there was seriously like 7 or 8 of these "cats" walking around or laying on my bed at any given time. I know this because, on one occasion after just waking up and opening my eyes I saw an unfamiliar cat laying on my chest so, I tried petting it, as soon as I touched this "cat" it started to bite my hand, and then another one of these "cats" quickly pounced on the cat bitting me and they began to fight each other. As, I quickly sat up in my bed to see them fight, that's when I saw several other unfamiliar "cats" lying around on my bed. From kittens to large adult cats these things exhibit characteristics and behaviors ranging from slightly different to very different from one another and, I can only guess how many different ones there have been but, it's been a lot. The most common thing I do in my apartment on a daily basis when I home is sleep and, I'm wondering if anyone else who's experiencing this phenomenon is sleeping a lot where they're having their experiences. I have slept in several other places thru out the past year and I never experience anything remotely to what I'm experiencing in my apartment. And, as soon as I get back to my apartment, there they are waiting for me, it seems. Like, I said before I can only see this phenomenon when I'm in a very relaxed state of mind but, I can sense them all the time with my other senses. Like, I can feel and hear them walking around on my bed; cleaning themselves; purring; etc. I've found some interesting stuff on the Internet trying to explain unexplained phenomenon but, I'm not sure what to believe or dismiss. I thought I had this universe figured out the best way my brain could comprehend until this started happening to me. I can only hope that the true explanation of what's happening fits in with my current understanding of how the Universe works?

Nov 18, 2014
A pet jumped on my bed
by: J

I don't own a pet and there is NO PET policy in the building where I live. I live on the top floor in our building (6th floor). Three days ago I woke up in the middle of the night. I was laying on my left side and something jumped on my bed, right behind my legs. It felt like a big cat or small size dog. My bed jumped when this thing jumped on it, that's why I woke up. I could feel the pressure on the covers when that "something" jumped on my bed. I was laying there with my eyes wide open, but I didn't move. I wasn't scared, because a similar situation happened to me few years ago, when my cat died... back then I assumed that my cat came to me to say goodbye. I loved my cat to pieces and it was so hard to let her go. That was my only explanation when I felt something jumping on my bed back then. It happened again few days ago. This time it was more real and I could almost feel the presence of whatever was behind me. It jumped on the corner of my bed, right behind my legs... and then I could feel it going towards my head. I could hear it walking on my covers. It made 3 steps forward and that's when I freaked out. I mean, it was right behind me going towards my head. I could hear it walking on my bed. I was laying there thinking about turning the light on, and then it stopped. I know i was not hallucinating, I don't do drugs, I don't drink, I don't want anyone to think that I'm crazy. I'm just looking for some answers. And I really don't think my mind was playing tricks on me... it was too REAL. I could hear and physically feel it behind me. I will be more than happy to share my experience with others and seek answers. There are so many things that we still don't understand.

Nov 17, 2014
Apartment Ghostly Cats
by: cathy

I believe you about all of it. I too have ghost animals with me and I can video them I don't know why either I can only think we are blessed!

Nov 16, 2014
Apartment "ghostly" cats
by: Anonymous

I've been able to see the "ghost" like phenomenon of the cars in my apartment on a dozen occasions. But, I've only been able to see them visually when I'm in a very relaxed state, like just before I fall asleep or just after waking up. The cats I've seen are not any I'm familiar with and they're individual personality traits, like where they like to lay and sleep are also different from any cats I've ever lived with. I've never seen anything in a relaxed stare of mind that wasn't truly in our known reality in my entire 34 years of life, other than these "ghostly" cats of course. I tried recording video of them but, the only thing related to Ghost activity I can record is small orbs of light constantly flying through my apartment. I find it hard to believe that this phenomenon is part of any after life presence. I'm more inclined to think that it's some manifestation of dark matter or possibly another close by dimension bleeding thru into our reality. I don't have any mathematical physics to back up any of my theories thpugh sp, I don't know anything for sure and would really like some concrete answers from somewhere.

Nov 16, 2014
ghost cats
by: Anonymous

has anyone video the cats

Nov 15, 2014
I wish it weren't true!
by: Anonymous

I'd truly like to agree with you Anonymous doubters but, there is truly something strange going on in my apartment that I can't explain. I'm such a skeptic that I surely thought I needed to seek medical advice, and so I did and the handful of doctors and psychologists I've met with were unable to provide me with anything helpful and really just had alot more questions than answers. I have never had any pets in my current apartment and my building doesn't even allow pets unless you have doctors permission or something yet, there seems to be an endless amount of cats and possibly other animals staying in my apartment like it's somekinda hotel. There only seems to be a few of them hanging around at any given time but, for the past year or so these "visitors" have been sleeping in my bed and doing other animal related activities. It's really uncanny and I haven't found any concrete answers all I know is that my apartment is like nothing I've ever experienced and it was only constructed in 2008. I'm currently 34 years of age and until I stared experiencing this phenomenon on a daily basis about a year ago I was very much a dick to people who said they've encountered ghosts, I would laugh and ridicule them to no end. I don't know if these things I'm experiencing are ghosts ir something else and My whole world is really turned upside down. I'm not the least bit scared of these things but, they do provide me with a sense of astonishment and wondrous awe. If anyone has any real answers please let me know asap!

Nov 15, 2014
There are no ghosts.
by: Anonymous

The feeling of an animal walking on the bed is an old phenomenon it is more to do with nerve endings, varying temperatures and pressure of bed clothes. We have all felt it from time to time. To feel that a dead cat will 'return' to its former home and sit or lie on the bed is sheer imagination. It is similar to looking at a circle containing two dots and a line - your brain will make it into a face for you, in the same way, varying pressure caused by involuntary movement will allow your brain to supply a "logical" explanation for the movement you are certain is taking place. To ascribe these phenomena to a deceased animal is nothing more than necro-anthropomorphism.

Oct 06, 2014
My ghost cat.
by: Anonymous

So in my house, we have three cats, Moonpie, Skittles and Zz, Before we got Moonpie and skittles, we had Zapa and Zeplin, band Zapa died in our current house.
Anyway, this has happened to me twice and the first time it scared me so badly.
So my desk is next t my door, and my computer is next to my desk, and i do a lot of gaming in my free time, so I'm always on my computer. But i normally have my door cracked, to where the cats can come in and out whenever they like (Zz is attached to me, she likes so sleep on my lap as im on the computer, she is currently there right now) And as i was focused on my computer i for some reason, thought my cat opened the door from the outside (pushed it open) and i felt it brush up against my bare leg, and it felt very soft, like Skittles, whom doesn't ever go into my room. i bent my hand down to pet him, still concentrating on the screen, and nothing rubbed up against my hand. I broke my concentration and looked around on the floor (i have a small room so) and there was no cat, and the door was still completely cracked, or closed, if a cat entered and left, it would've been opened. It has happened three times, and each time was in the same position, concentration on my screen and no cats in the room at the time.
I'm not scared or freaked out about it, i feel like its Zapa, but I'm not sure, because he never liked me, always avoided the hyper 8 year old. I am now 15, and if it is him, he seems to like me, as no one else in the house believes me or has ever had this experience.

Aug 17, 2014
is my cat deceased
by: Anonymous

About two weeks ago our cat had went missing, haven't seen or heard from him in the least bit. Last night I had been sleeping and noticed my cat laid across my chest, which was common for him. I was petting him I felt him I felt his fur, and was cuddling him. I felt his tail and his ears, it was all so real that I felt awake and I was holding him, I was carrying him to my mother to show her he was back. And in the hallway the cat had completely disappeared, gone like I had imagined everything was this my cats way of telling me he has passed?

May 21, 2014
Re: James
by: Anonymous

@James, just because we don't believe in something does not mean it does not's not that simple. This phenomena does exist and it does not matter what your beliefs are...yes it may be hard to wrap your head around it, but you have to think outside of the box on this doing so will help you expand or grow and that my friend is a good thing.

May 21, 2014
Coolest pets ever!
by: James

I posted a comment earlier today while I was at work. Didn't notice anything unusual all day. After I got home after being gone all day I decided to lay down in my bed for a minute, within 5 seconds I felt a cat jump om my bed and head fir the spot above my head on my pillow. I laid there for a minute and said hello. Then I went into my living room and sat on mu recliner chair, where I am currently writing this post from as I type, within a moment without any thoughts that a cats were anywhere other than my bed. A cat jumped up on my lap and started cleaning itself and now as I write this it's sitting in my lap and I can hear a faint purring. If there is such things a spirits or ghosts I have possibly the coolest pets on earth. They don't require food, they don't need a litter box and coolest of all they're ghosts! I've never believed in anything spiritual at all since as far back as I can remember but, now I'm gonna have to review my outlook on what I tjink this thing we call reality is!

May 20, 2014
by: James

Glad to read that other people are having the same experiences. When I first noticed this phenomenon I was in a half awake lucid dream state and I could feel a cat or cays walking about my bed and doing cat stuff like cleaning themselves, playing, sleeping, etc. This has been going on for the past several months. Now, as soon as I get into bed and the entire time I'm in it I can feel cats while I awake. Sometimes they will wake me up with a scratch to the head, or playing with my hand. And, when they wake me up I can see them for a split second until I'm fully awake then, I can't see them anymore but, i can feel them still. I have lived with several cats thru out my life but, none in my current residence and I don't recognize these cats as any I've known. Last night I felt something breathing above my head on my pillow. The cat I'd seen in my half awake state before was a little fluffy kitten but, this pulsing covered an area larger than the previous kitten. When, I was awaken by something I saw a large long haired white and grey cat walking away from the top of my pillow and I saw the kitten still lying there. Now, I knew why I felt a pulsing area too large for a kitten because there was actually a large cat and a kitty in the spot. I the beginning I thought I was just dreaming in a lucid state. But, now I can feel them all the time. In my lucid dream state I've seen at least 3 different cats. A little kitten, a large long haired white and grey cat, and a dark grey tabby with stripes. Every one I tell this to thinks I'm having side effects to my blood pressure medication, which I've been taking for several years and this phenomenon is not listed as a side effect. Either all the posts here are from crazy people or there's actually something to this phenomenon. I've never been a religious believer or a believer in anything supernatural or anything spiritual in anyway but, now I don't know what to believe.

Mar 01, 2014
Ghost cat pet nice experience till he brought friends
by: Anonymous

Ok so my ghost cat is my old cat midnight who passed last year...he started coming to me 4 months ago and it was always the same way. I would be sleeping in the middle of the night and feel him jump on the bed and start curling and puring next to me and I actually in my half sleep start petting him. It only lasts a couple minutes but his energy feels amazing, like pure love and it just dissipates and I'm awake.

Ok so the experience of midnight coming is always a nice one and it always makes me so happy only now other cats have started to visit and they aren't as nice. I'm sleeping and I actually start to wake a little and see my bedroom door open and a grey cat jumps on my bed. I start petting him half asleep and realize its not midnight I can almost make out a face and this cat actually starts biting me as I pet it, not in too much of a vicious way but enough to hurt. Then I feel another cats presence enter in hissing from the floor. This is a vicious cat. Now I'm freaked out and start preying the "our father" - (no joke) and it wakes me up and the cats are gone.

As a kid my sister and I always felt a presence pushing the end of our bed at night and saying a prayer out loud always made it stop....has anyone else ever had a bad ghost cat experience where the cat actually hissed and bit?? Did letting midnight come open the door to these other asshole cats to come in too?? Regardless I saged the shit outta my room.

Feb 12, 2014
cat on bed
by: Anonymous

I just recently started having the feeling of a cat on the bed. The first time I felt it I thought I must have been partly dreaming. I got up, turned on some lights in the other room, let the dogs out and made sure my cat wasn't in the room.
I always lay back down till the dogs are ready to come back in. I again felt the movement. I turned over a little so I could see the bed and felt it again. The mirror in my Hutch allowed me to see most of the bed but still I saw nothing.
It has happened several times since. Sometimes even when my spouse is in bed. It doesn't usually happen if one of my animals is in bed with me. Usually this happens in the morning but it happened tonight. I decided to see if others had this experience.
I don't know what to think. It is not a scary feeling but I am not real fond of it either. I recently lost my dog but this definitely feels like a cat.
I expected if anything to see posts about medical reasons. Was surprised to see how many others had this happen to them too.

Jun 27, 2013
Looking for more info
by: Anonymous

I'm apparently having a ghost cat experience. The past week or so I feel a cat walk on my bed, it's always completely dark in my room when this happens, and I'm usually on my back using my laptop computer. The glare looking at the screen prevents me from seeing the rest of the bed.

I have had a cat in my life almost every day for the past 30 years, so I know what a cat walking on my bed feels like. However, each time I feel this, I pat my lap waiting for my current cap to jump on me. Then I turn the light on to see my cat either not in the room, or as happened a few moments ago, asleep in her bed on the other side of my room.

From reading comments, it seems like this experience is fairly common, however I've never had this happen until now. I'm currently in a rental house, and I did notice some stones near the back of the property that look like they were piled there to mark a pet grave. I also have two cats that have passed that loved me very much, but I never had them at this house.

If anyone knows of other online resources with other reports of ghost pet experiences, I'd be very grateful to hear about them. Thanks.

Jun 22, 2013
MY/our experience with ghost cats
by: Anonymous

This happens in our home a few times a year. We have all seen this, my husband, my daughter, my son-in-law.

My own experience is seeing very quick apparition of a cat, or part of a cat, quickly appearing and disappearing around a corner, or going behind a piece of furniture. I look and search but no sign of the cat, it is gone. I ALWAYS thought my eyes and mind were playing tricks on me, until a few weeks ago, when I was in the dining room with my own cat. A black and white cat appeared and quickly ran behind the credenza, and my own cat saw this, and she freaked out and ran upstairs. Again I searched the whole dining room and find no other sign of the cat. But this time I knew it was not only me, my cat saw it too! So I figure cats can capture energy somewhere and do find a way to materialize, but I must add that these cats come and go so quickly and are not known to us, and indeed seem to be in some kind of transition as this happens so quickly.

Thank you for this blog, and giving me a chance to relate this as I have been really upset by this since it happened a few weeks ago. My family who have seen a few apparitions but still believe it is our imagination but I now believe there is something indeed mystical about cats and that they have an ability to tap into some energy field we cannot yet understand.

May 31, 2013
by: JS

I first posted Apr 20th below but this started happening around March 25th. It is random and not everyday and now happens in the morning usually no later than 7:00am. I'm not sure if it's one of my old cats or a stray that I once befriended or no connection at all...may never know. Only told a couple of close people and not sure they believe me, but unless you understand or are open to this phenomena most won't.

May 05, 2013
No more just night time
by: Michele

Like I said, I've never had cats< so these are NOT my dead cats coming back to visit. There is no night time anymore. They don't keep hours, AND they are different sizes. Like one likes to sit on my shoulder< with it's little weensy, sharp claws. I gave into it. Theres nothing I can do to make them leave. They do whatever they want. It's like I'm they're Princess or something. It's like I'm a non/living walking weirdo zoo. GOOD LUCK with yours.

Apr 20, 2013
Me too
by: Anonymous

I have experienced this same phenomena where I feel a cat jump on the bed and pad around. I have had cats that passed on but it's been over 15 years why now?

Like someone else here mentioned about the static electric feeling, I feel this too and sometimes that is all I will feel...comes on with or without feeling the cat walking, it is like an electric pulsing and sometimes a tingling sensation.

What makes this even stranger is it has happened to me while away from home.

This weird phenomena seems to be quite common.

Nov 10, 2012
my cat that died
by: jazzy

One time me and my friend sitting on my bed and i felt this wind and it felt like my cat jumpt on the bed i said to my friend did you feel that she said yes i said i just felt my cat the end

Nov 06, 2012
ghost cat keeps returning
by: Anonymous

We had 3 cats, and lost them all within a short time period. One was expected, as she had kidney issues and was old. The other 2 were unexpected, and both developed liver failure. Several months
after there death, almost nightly, when I was lying in bed I would feel what seemed like a cat walking across the bed and start kneading. This was very pronounced to the point that I felt as if there was really a cat there. This kept up frequently every few days for 4-6 months. Now, 2 years later the ghost cat occasionally comes back, but the presence if very faint, and if I move at all it stops. Go figure.

Oct 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

I would be scared at first but then you have to realize that you wouldn't be scared if they were alive and jumped on your bed or you felt them and that means that they had a very strong bond with you.

Aug 11, 2012
My familiar
by: Anonymous

My kitty passed away I my arms, she had fought valiantly with histoplasmosis - the treatment left her liver and brain challenged. She was my best friend, my familiar - no one knew me like tia. I hear her, see her, feel her - it's been months since she has been gone. Can't replace her with another cat, you can't replace that. I am sure she is here still, and I am not alone - every member of my family sees and hears her as well.

May 03, 2012
Maybe, maybe not...
by: Anonymous

I see your point; however my black cat didn't usually knead at the foot of my bed. She usually came up to my pillow to get comfy. Hobbes hardly ever slept on my bed - maybe 15 times over 15 years - but when he did he would knead the end of the bed a little. And I wasn't sleepy or dreamy at all. This hasn't happened again and I'm not really concerned. It was disturbing and neat all at the same time - just one of those mysterious things life is full of.

I hope to contact the administrator of this site to ask her to remove my long comment. I've decided it contains too much personal info - my dad was quite a private man. Thanks for the forum, everyone!

Apr 25, 2012
I know why!!
by: Anonymous

This is because you are so used to having your pet sleep with you that you expect something. Then you dream when you're awake.

Mar 31, 2012
Me, too
by: Anonymous

Kind of amazed to see this thread. I had a hard to ignore/explain experience in the middle of the night last night. Our dog (female boxer/lab mix) Hobo woke me up about 4:30 (she sleeps with me after my father passed away 3 years ago at home after a long bout with Alzheimer's 3 years ago.)She swept her paw at my shoulder pretty hard - unusual for her to do at night. She does that as a last resort during the day if we haven't responded to her other cues to be let out. So, I went outside with her for a bit and came back in and we went back to bed. She left after a few minutes. Just a little bit later I felt what seemed like a cat kneading on my bed down around my knees. This is what my dad's cat Hobbes used to do. (We just had him put to sleep about 3 weeks ago - right about the same time of the year that my father passed away (3/14.)I was definitely "freaked out" and started to feel anxious. I have experienced this 2 other times before - once here (in my parents' home and once at my own apartment.) But I have dismissed these times (mostly since I suffer from mania occasionally and some things truly aren't real that I think are.) Anyway, last night I tried to ignore it but couldn't and tried to come up with explanations. One was that maybe I was just feeling the blankets pulling a bit due to the rising and falling of my chest as I breathed. So I altered the rhythm of of breathing, but the kneading continued with it's own pace. I started praying in case it was a spirit that wasn't "good." It took about 1/2 hour of praying alternating with talking to my dad and a few words to Hobbes. I eventually just asked Hobbes to stay if he wanted but that I needed to get to sleep for work. It was kind of sad and also touching. I just now remembered after starting this post that Hobo would often come get my mother or I to let Hobbes in (who would be patiently waiting by the door when we opened it.)His body is buried under a cedar tree outside. Maybe Hobbes needed to come in and get into bed, so Hobo woke me up to let me know that. Like another writer noted, I hope that if it is Hobbes that he is doing well and is content. Also, that my father is doing the same. I have had cats for 35 years - since I gave my son up for adoption after birth. It is amazing how these animals become intertwined in our lives. The blessing of this does help soften the loss when we lose them or loved ones from our lives. Glad to have a place to process this a bit. Maybe this post will never be read, but I'm grateful to see this many other posts here so I don't feel so odd.

Mar 24, 2012
Cat like being walking on my bed.
by: Anonymous

About 17 years ago I had 2 kittens, brother and sister. The boy cat, Scotty, was killed by a car when he was still quite young, a year old or less. About 3 years ago I felt a cat jump on my bed and walk around. I thought our was the girl cat, Gizmo. But it wasn't...she was outside. That was very weird, but I think it only happened a couple of times. It was definitely creepy though because the bible says that ghosts don't exist. It says that demonic beings can imitate dead people....that that is what"ghosts"actually are. But, like I said, it only happened a couple of times. About 2 years ago Gizmo died at 15 of old age. Now, just within the past few days I have had the same experience....only now it is every might.It's got me a little freaked I thought I would google it never expecting to find anyone with the same experience...much less soooo many people. Can anyone anyone shed some light on this?

Mar 17, 2012
Why is this happening
by: Anonymous

I lost my cat of 17 years on Tuesday.Since
Tuesday two things have happened.On Wednesday I was crying while in my backyard and told God how lonely I was missing my cat and I turned around and a strange cat was sitting there.It was calm and quite beautiful-it followed me to every flower bed I went to and layed down by me.I haven't seen it since.This morning at day break I awoke to the sound of loud purring.I looked around the entire room for another of my cats but there was no cat. My cat used to purr very loudly. I hope my sadness isn't keeping him here....

Nov 11, 2011
Mulitple Ghost kitties
by: Michele

I googled because I have recently aquired some invisible cats. I don't have cats. Never have. don't particularly like them, and they scare me. Even with this, I knew it had 2 be cats. I started with 2. Poucyhouse(very heavy footed, likes 2 jump. And Boo Radley. Small, more timid.) Problem is, they keep me awake. ALOT! I got NO sleep last night, and they seem to have brought more with them. I startd to wonder if they were cats. Untill reading this. They stalk very slowly, and act like my bedroom is the romper room. I was mean today. Trying to sleep, I kept shoving them off and kicking them off my feet. Not actual kicking. I wonder if they'll return. My dog dosen't even notice. Saw a shadow person today too.And NOT out of the corner of my eye, full on! Broad daylight. Weird day

Oct 04, 2011
Pumpkin In Ohio
by: Kathy B

We lost our cat Pumpkin after 17 years, then we got a stray Topaz and she pased. Since then we have not had a house cat, just dogs. My husband and myself have been in our bed at different times and felt a small animal (cat) walk across the bed, however nothing is there. My husband told me that he was not feeling well today and went into the bedroom to lay down awhile and felt the small feet walking across the bed. He said Pumpkin or Topaz is here. Last week I was in bed and no one was around and my back was to the bed and I felt the walking sensation. I looked up thinking it was our outside cat and no one was there. Should we be afraid?

Sep 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had a cat for 16 years, Pumpkin, she died of old age. We were so in tune to each other, very bonded, like soulmates. For the sake of my young children, we got another cat asap. I never really bonded as well with the new cat and the second one we got. One Saturday morning, around 5am, my husband got up. While he was gone, I felt a cat walk on my bed and jump off the floor. I sat up and thought one of the other cats had gotten into the bedroom by mistake. We have to keep them out due to allergies. There was no cat in the room. So, frustrated that I was woken up again, as this has happened many times before, I went back to sleep. When I got up, my husband said was there a cat in the room last night? It felt like a cat was walking on the bed, stayed with me then jumped off. That is what woke him up that day. My daughter then heard it and said, oh, that happens to me all the time. We all liked it so much as we had our Pumpkin with us, it was comforting. The one day we took in a cat from the back yard. It was below zero and she was so grateful to be in our house. That cat is the one I have bonded with just like Pumpkin. Ever since she came into our lives we do not feel Pumpkin anymore. Its sad but then again not, because that shows how much she loved us and is satisfied we are ok. She is waiting for us to join her.

Aug 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am so glad to hear that I am not crazy! My ghost cat has been with me over a year now. And to be honest, I wish it would just go into the light. Keeps me awake and really just freaks me out. Plus, he is inviting friends to come with him. Seriously! I actually saw him the other morning, very strange. You could see through him, but then again, you couldn't. I don't know, very weird. Also, when your cat touches you, does it feel like some sort of electrical or magnetic feeling? My ghost cat usually sleeps at my feet and when he touchs my feet or any part of me, it feels very strange. Kinda like if you were to rub a balloon over your hair and then feel that static charge. Kinda like that. Anyways, if anyone has any advice how to get my cat go to kitty heaven, please let me know. Thanks. :)

Jul 19, 2011
Had a Ghost Cat Experience Too!
by: Jr.

One night in my room I heard my desk that is right next to my bed creek. Like something jumped up on it. Then the ghost cat basically walked down from the desk onto where my feet are and started kneading like cats do. I then felt it walk up towards me and start kneading on my pillow. I quickly tried to grab at my ear where it was after experiencing this for five minutes to make sure it was totally real. There was nothing there. This happened probably about 10 more times. It then got cold so I had like 12 blankets on my bed and I could barely feel it happen anymore. Then it just stopped happening. Maybe tonight there will be another experience though,? Ya never know-oh!

May 22, 2011
Ghost Cat Experience
by: Ghost Cat Wrangler

My parents had their cat put to sleep after he fell ill and since then, I sometimes have strange experiences.
It usually starts off with me in bed, my door closed, lights out, nobody else in the room (including the replacement cat). I occasionally feel a cat jump on my bed and then walk around like they often do. It's a pretty distinctive feeling and anyone who has ever owned an indoor cat knows what it's like.
Sometimes I'll hear it purring, though it doesn't sound quite like a normal cat's purring. Occasionally, it will jump off the bed and I can hear it hit the floor. I turn the lights on and there is no cat anywhere.
I brought my experiences up with my mother and she looked very surprised upon hearing about them. She said that she had the same types of experiences (cat jumping on the bed and walking around a bit). My grandfather (who lives there with my mother) also claims to have experienced the 'Ghost Cat'.

Apr 11, 2011
Cat spirit?
by: Miami Mom

I used to live in an apartment in Hialeah,Fl. for about 3 years(7 years ago) and one night during the last year there I fell asleep on my bed with the covers over me and felt a real sensation on a cat like weight and manner walking on me..I was so tired and scared..but it woke me up. I even checked my room and under my bed..thinking that just maybe a cat was in the apartment..but I found nothing..really freaky.

Dec 12, 2010
Weird coincidence
by: Scott Pereira

I searched Ghost Cat in google because that is the name of the brewing company me and my partner hope to open on Long Island. I also live in Bay Shore, and we do our brewing in East Islip. Just thought it was an odd coincidence to find a LI phenomenon about Ghost Cats...

Check out our facebook and 'Like' the page if you are interested.


Oct 20, 2009
I have had this happen a couple times.
by: Anonymous

The first time it was in my parents basement, which is sort of haunted I guess, only my sister and I are the only ones who experience weird things down there. There is a spirit or something who lives down there.

One night I was half asleep and heard a cat purring, it sniffed me, I felt the pressure as it walked across my chest, it lay down for a minute on my abdomen, then it got up and started lightly biting my hand because it wanted to be petted. This all went over fine with me until I realized that my mom's cat had been dead for over a year.

Once I realized this, the creature bit down hard on my hand and I woke up completely. I must state that I was lucid throughout, as in lucid dreaming/sleep where you are aware that you are not entirely awake and on another level.

My sister had something bad happen to her in that room, I think it was an incubus (and yes they do exist although I am not religious the fact that those beings exist is a fact).

Then the other night in my own house I felt a cat jump on me, walk across my chest, and I felt an animosity coming from it. This is in an entirely different house where I have never owned a cat.

So last night when I felt the animal on me I immediately thought "No! My cat has been dead for several years!" I focused on licking my lips and that always wakes me up when I have a weird experience like this. I knew that if I stayed "asleep" or whatever the cat would start biting me.

I don't know if it is left over energy from a cat or what, but it is very odd, and it only seems to happen to sensitive people.

Oct 04, 2009
Ghost Cat
by: Anonymous

I googled "Ghost Cat" and this site popped up. The reason for my search was to see if others experienced what I did recently. Lying in bed I too felt a weight on my chest, and in half sleep, felt something licking my face, then felt this presence settle, as if curled up like a cat on my chest. I lost my cat to cancer after 14 years, and have sensed her presence before. But never this strongly. It was so real. Amazing!

Jul 29, 2009
Scared, but felt good
by: Anonymous

When I was living in Sayville i had the same experience, I felt something walk up my bed and it warm and small, I assumed it was the cat curling up with me. But when I looked the door was shut and I was alone. I was scared but it felt so nice that it really didn't bother me.

Jan 08, 2009
cat in the night
by: Anonymous

Yeah, my cat passed away recently and the next night after her death, I felt pressure and felt like a cat walking up my chest and then behind my head so I thought it was my cat visiting me so soon; however, I felt the same exact pressure--everything exact a few years ago while my cat was still alive....I guess I have a ghost cat/guardian angel? wish I knew!!

Aug 02, 2008
Sixth Sense
by: hello, how are you

You know it could have been your sixth sense telling you to look after your cat.

Jul 06, 2008
by: RayRay

Yeah well I live in Bay Shore and it is weird because I have felt like a cat is in my house and like I see one but nothing is there and it is weird and scary.

May 09, 2008
Spooky & Sad
by: Bill Drago

Wow, that's spooky and sad. I know what you mean about outliving pets. That's the sad part...

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