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Dancing with the dead ???

by Joe Randazzo
(West Palm Beach, Florida)

This is going back in 60's. I was with some friends in the Outrigger bar on the Nautical Mile in Freeport. I met a beautiful girl that wanted to dance to the band.

It was dark in the bar, but I noticed an unusual complexion on her. She was normal in every way, but had a white powder makeup on which made her face really, really white like talcum powder. She was still a very attractive and even a pretty girl.

After a time she said she had to leave, so I said goodbye. A little while later she came over to me and said that her friends had left her and asked me to drive her home. Of course I said no problem and we got our coats and we proceeded to her home.

We took Sunrise Highway out and, following her directions, kept on going, going to way out east on Long Island somewhere. I originally thought she was a local but we drove and drove. We finally wound up around some old neighborhood and she said stop here at her house. The house was abandoned with boards on the windows and the house was all all boarded up. She said she lived there.?

There were no lights anywhere and it was pitch black with temps around 20 degrees...cold as heck. I waited for her to get in, then she came back to the car and said the door was locked, and could I help her.

Well, I took a screwdriver and went to the side of the house to try and jimmy the door. When I got there the door was open and the house was pitch black. I freaked out and left her at the door and got the hell out of there asap.

I never looked back and to this day could never find the house or the girl again. Something was really strange with her. I now think she could have been a spirit... Weird but true.

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May 08, 2008
Shivers Down My Spine
by: Chris the Big Laker

That story sent shivers down my spine.

Apr 01, 2008
Gives me the creeps
by: Bill Drago

Joe, every time I read this I feel a chill run through me. Great story, thanks for sending it in.

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