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Atlantique 2005
by Angela Rizzo

Editor's note: One morning at Atlantique I saw an attractive young woman walking down the dock with a clipboard. I assumed she was the dock master.

She tells me she's writing down the name of every boat at the marina, all 150 of them, and going to use them in a story. "Really?" "Yep."

Angela explained that although her usual genre is historical fiction, writing a story around boat names would be a good way to pass some time.

I told her about and asked if I could use the story here. "Sure." "Thank you..."

If you've ever been to Atlantique by boat you might see your boat's name here. To really appreciate what Angela has done in this story it would help if you were at Atlantique enough times to recognize the names and places, and had a few drinks in you too.

We all had a good laugh with this. I hope you do too.


Atlantique 2005

a marina
A partial view of the Atlantique marina on the morning this was written.

One day at First Light, Andy the dock master and I decided to have breakfast. We went to the Bull Market but it was a bit Wolfish, so we decided to Ride On. We walked full of Persistence.

In a Split Decision we stood in line at Gavin’s Session Stand. Suddenly a Predator jumped in front of us. “Hey!” I said, “It’s Our Turn!”

The Portable Grill was broken. We had to choose from Jilly Fish, Sea Biscuit or Special K. He refused the choices. Strike II. So we began to walk down the dock at a Summer Pace.

As we walked along the dock we met up with the Candy Man where I always buy my M&M’s. We saw friends of ours, Three in a Row. First was the Paper Boy. He was real Happy Wanderer, Always Barefoot and a big pain in the Gebaldo, if you know what I mean.

We then met up with Charlie, who would become a Dancing Bear after a few Crown Royals. Living on H2O was not his style. Last but not least, we saw Mr. & Mrs. Pat. The two of them are real Soul Mates from Heaven and Hell. Mr. Pat is a real Aquaholic.

As we walked Andy remembered to see if his Crews In. Sitting on the couch was Mark in his own Relaxer state. Gavin sat eating a jumbo sandwich with Extra Mayo and a Georgia Peach. He’s Never Satisfied.

Along come Nicole and Jerry, as always on a Quest. A golden glow appears and it’s Brian. You would know him by his Shirley Temple curls. Seeing that all was Just Right we went on our way.

We were nearing my boat when Andy decided that it was Miller Time. “You’re a Real Joka.” I said. “It’s 11am, take a Time Out.” But he insisted. “All right,” I agreed not Gung Ho at all.

He gave me a High Five and then said, “I have to go to Our ATM.” “What Next,” I yelled. “I’m Deep Six in funds, my Commissions didn’t come in.”

En route we met up with Three Ladies on their way to Tequila Jack’s. In my opinion they were already on their way to living La Vita Loca.

Tricia was dancing around the dock like a Sea Gypsy. Rene kept asking, “Who’s Your Daddy?” And Dianna had her hands full with test tube shots. They truly were Three Gems.

When we arrived at Tequila Jack’s Andy rubbed his hands in glee, “I Gota Play.” I just wanted to Make a Wish that I was Almost Home. As I viewed the Seascape and a bright Fire Island Star I thought what Sheer Pleasure it would be if I wasn’t with Blondes Three and a Crazy Voyager.

Seeing my distress Andy slapped me on the back. “Come on have a few Cocktails.” “You are such an Irish Rover.” However, not one for Makin Waves I ordered a Sea Breeze. I started seeing Double Vision.

Andy was checking out the local chicks or the royals, Lady Di, Lady Gail, and the highest Princess Margaret. As my multiple drinks started to make me Dream Reality, I spotted Peter under a fake palm tree.

He was like a Third Mate and a little Poco Loco if you ask me. I needed a real Pain Killer after seeing him especially since we weren’t with his usual Island Girl, but another woman instead, Jen-Ann.

Suddenly I felt Flo’n Water. I had to go to the bathroom. It became an Obsession. Suddenly, I felt Tricklynn down my leg. The Waterworks were flowing. Briefly embarrassed, I took another swig of my drink. It was an Even Exchange. What goes in must come out.

Seeing my greenish tan complexion, Andy ran to my side fearing that I was going Overboard. He brought me out to the fake palm trees to look at the sea, actually The Four C’s. I didn’t even know if I was in the lost city of Atlantis or Bali Hai. I think I needed a Pacemaker.

I imagined seeing a Pink Cadillac floating in the bay. I even thought I saw a green Leprechaun, but it was my own bile surfacing. Maybe it was my Emerald Eyes.

“Come on lets get you home.” Andy jested. As I stumbled on Sand and Sea I was relieved to find myself on my boat. It was almost like having the Big-O.

“Let’s do this tomorrow,” Andy suggested. I looked at him, focusing with one eye. “Jamaican Me Crazy, I’ll never drink again.” Andy laughed, “Never Say Never. You’re at Atlantique, Almost Second Home.”

P.S. Happy Labor Day, but every day is a Legal Holiday here.

This is purely fictional (kinda).


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