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Are we doomed? (My Wedding story)

by Jo

I have lived on Long Island my entire life (39 years) and have just recently relocated to GA. While I really do like where we are right now, it makes me love and appreciate Long Island all that much more...

My husband and I joke about our marriage being doomed because now, 10+ years later, everything associated with our wedding is gone.

My bridal shower was held in a restaurant down in Port Jefferson which is now gone. While I can't recall the name, it was next to the Dockside and a McDonalds now stands where it once did.

We were married at St. Patricks in Smithtown in October, 1997, and while the building still remains, it is no longer a church--the new one sits beside it.

Lastly, our wedding reception was held at the Hauppauge Country Club--again, no longer there. A newer Stonebridge Country club was built to accommodate all of the homes built on the golf course.

It's sad that the landmarks of my wedding day are gone--can't drive by and reminisce or show the kids. However, I have pictures, videos and memories that remain in my heart....just like Long Island will always remain in my heart.

So, are we doomed? I would say no. We have 3 beautiful children, all born in Huntington Hospital and a good life...we are blessed.

We may have left Long Island, but Long Island will never leave us!!

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Dec 04, 2008
From the hospital to Marriage on Long Island
by: Rabbi Andrea Frank


The places may be no more, but you will never forget. I was brought straight from the hospital after being born and grew up on Long Island, had my wedding day and moved 50 minutes North into lower Westchester County, NY.

Though, I am only a drive away, I thought it would be easy to return my ole' stopping grounds. My last visit I did not recognize much. So much as changed, new stores in replace of the ones I remembered. The funny part of it all was having lived for all those years I never realized how of a stretch it really is to drive from point A to B.

The LIRR never improved on its delays. The Broadway Mall is still there along with IKEA. Good ole Zorn's chicken on Hempstead Turnpike still there. Married in my Reform Temple in Melville, a beautiful day with the reception at the Windham in Hauppauge.

Really good memories, well, except for the LIRR. (smiles)

Honestly, I truly believe it is true, you can't go back. When you do, you find yourself disappointed.

You and I will always have the memories. Tell your wonderful children all the stories. It is those stories that keep those wonderful memories alive.

Now, Westchester County, NY - making new memories with my husband. I became an Ordained Reform Rabbi in the tri-state area for Jewish and interfaith couples (all with Judaism as their one faith) offering a beautiful traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. I return to Long Island when I officiate my wonderful couple's Jewish weddings so that they start their married lives with wonderful memories - and yes on Long Island.

We will always have Long Island. All the best to new memories to you and your family in Georgia.

Rabbi Andrea Frank

Jun 04, 2008
Far from doomed.
by: Bill Drago

I can understand what it must be like to see your wedding landmarks disappear. When they demolished my elementary school (Baldwin Drive in Massapequa) and built houses I was heartbroken.

Sad, but life must go on and that means things change. Things in our past can fade as easily as a ship's wake in the ocean. That doesn't mean the ship is doomed. Perhaps it is destined to sail greater seas.

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