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Loving Long Island Newsletter, A storm and a Portrait
April 06, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Here's what happened last month on

I collected pictures of our last snow storm from various people and places around Long Island and put them together on a page along with Ralph Waldo Emerson's wonderful poem "The Snow Storm."

The Long Island Guy Portrait
My daughter's sense of humor must have run away with her on this particular day.

The Great South Bay
A haven for boaters, bathers, and sport fishermen. A source of endless fascination for kids. And in the biting cold of winter, a place for coffee and contemplation near the water's edge.

Dogfish and Skate
I eat these darn things and think you should try them too. If we had a better appreciation for these fish we'd have more fun, have more to eat, and there would be less pressure on more traditionally targeted species like flounder and fluke.

Regards, -Bill (a.k.a. The Long Island Guy)

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