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Google Privacy Warning from Loving Long Island
February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012
Issue #15 - Google Privacy Warning


Sorry to bother you, but this is important and affects nearly EVERYONE who uses the Internet.

On March 1st. Google is changing their privacy policy. I've just signed a petition about it here:

Google: Ask Fairly About Our Privacy

Here's the story. Google's services are not "free." You pay for them by giving Google everything you say-and-do while using their services. You may not realize how invasive that is. Check out this article on CNN...

Google knows too much about you

Now that Google is changing their Privacy Policy to pull EVERYTHING about you together, they need our consent. Unfortunately, they're not asking fairly.

Instead, starting March 1, as soon as you login to any ONE of their services, you give them permission to get and use ALL your information from every Google service you use, from Gmail to Search (they have 70 services!). And get this...

The only way to "opt-out" is to not login to ANY of their services!

I really feel that Google owes every user a FULLY informed opt-in option, including an explanation of the downsides, too. That's why I've signed this petition...

Google: Ask Fairly About Our Privacy

If you think this can't affect you, please read the petition.

Please sign it, too.

Then copy-and-paste and send this letter to your friends through Facebook, by e-mail, etc. If we ALL do that, this petition will grow fast.

And it must grow fast, since Google's new policy starts on March 1.

Just copy-and-paste this letter and use it everywhere! Tell them to do the same!

Make Google inform fully and ask fairly.

Best regards,
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